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Open Post: Hosted By Lil Uzi Vert Removing The $24 Million Pink Diamond From His Forehead

For some reason, rap artist, 26-year-old Lil Uzi Vert got a huge-ass jewel installed into his forehead earlier this year. The jewel was a $24 million pink diamond. Allegedly. It could’ve been a crystal turd from a My Little Pony for all we know. But whatever the case may be, it’s gone from his forehead.

Lil Uzi has been dating 28-year-old rapper JT of the City Girls, and the two did an Instagram Story together. During their Story, people noticed something different: Uzi’s Steven Universe-crystal gem was no longer on his head:

Here’s a before and after in case you forgot about this insanity:

No word on what he’s done with the gem. Imagine it just popped out? But it would be fine, Page Six says that Uzi has insurance on the stone. Hmm… the scent of a possible insurance scheme may have just covered up the scent of Uzi Vert’s ridiculousness for this. Or maybe the $24 million diamond was just $24 glass that Uzi was using to get some quick attention. Well, if the diamond is real, here’s hoping that Lil Uzi can find another good use for it. Maybe implant it in his ass ass? Since he just shit away $24 million?

Pic: Instagram

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