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Lewis Hamilton shares heartwarming photos after making disabled brother Nicolas’ ‘dreams come true’ by driving in sim

LEWIS HAMILTON shared heart-warming photos after making his brother’s “dream come true” by helping him drive the Mercedes simulator.

Nicolas Hamilton, who has cerebral palsy, became the first disabled person to drive the sim.

Lewis and Nicolas Hamilton share a close brotherly bond
Some modifications had to be made to the Sim to help Nicolas get the best out of the experience
Nicolas had a big smile on his face throughout the experience

The 30-year-old emulated his older brother as he donned the white Mercedes race suit.

Hamilton shared a series of photos of their “special day” in a Instagram post which has received over 930,000 likes and had a big reaction.

The seven-times world champion was snapped helping his sibling fit into the iconic Mercedes costume before Nicolas climbed into the sim.

The state-of-the-art machine produces a hyper-realistic experience of what it would be like to be in an F1 car and is regularly used by drivers and teams.

Nicolas, who has driven in other racing series, could be seen smiling throughout the photos as he got to live out his fantasy.

And in one moving picture, he could be seen sat in the simulator as the older Hamilton hugs his father in the background.

In the Instagram caption, Hamilton said: “Earlier this year Nicolas Hamilton and I asked my team if we could make this happen and here we are.

“Time in the sim is incredibly rare, and not something that is accessible for someone like my brother.

Nicolas Hamilton has previously raced in motorsport series such as the Renault Clio Cup, European Touring Car Cup and British Touring Car Championship
The state-of-the-art machinery allows users to get an authentic feeling of how it is to drive an F1 car
Lewis Hamilton is coming off the back of a topsy-turvy F1 season

“It took custom modifications to the seat, steering wheel and pedals to make this possible.”

At the end of the experience, the Hamilton brothers could be seen sharing a close embrace.

The F1 star added: “[Nicolas] spent the whole day in it, and is the first disabled person to ever do so.

“He’s always been a fighter and seeing him have this day is an honour.

“The smile you see here never left his face. Can’t wait to share more of this special day, thank you @mercedesamgf1 for the time and work put in to make this possible and make my brother’s dream come true.”

The emotional Instagram post triggered a big reaction.

One person wrote: “I’m a disability parent, and the relationship you have with your brother is truly my favourite thing about you both.

“You’re a champion of human rights, an incredible advocate, a great driver, a fantastic human being – but you’re truly the greatest brother.”

Hamilton is currently enjoying time off after the F1 season ended last month.

He will be back on the grid in 2023 when the new season kicks off in Bahrain in March.

A proud Anthony Hamilton hugs Lewis in the background while Nicolas enjoys the sim
Lewis helped Nicolas into the Mercedes race suit

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