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Kim Kardashian And Her Family Got COVID-19 While She Was Trying To Study For Her Baby Bar Exam

Last October, Kim Kardashian turned 40 and there was no way a little old pandemic was going to come between her and a huge, tacky party. So Kim dropped $1 million to fly 30 of her family and friends to Tahiti. It was a deeply questionable move that felt like a potential super spreader event. But all Kim ended up catching was a bunch of negative press. That made me wonder if Kim had her surgeon implant a lucky horseshoe up her ass during a procedure. But Kim didn’t have some kind of invisible virus-repelling force field around her. Kim and her kids ended up getting COVID earlier this year. It got so bad, it shut down production on Keeping Up With The Kardashians for several weeks.

A KUWTK trailer dropped yesterday, and it featured Kim’s reveal about her COVID diagnosis. She says that it all started when her 5-year-old son Saint West tested positive after being exposed to a COVID-positive child at his school (Kim claims the kids were doing schooling in pods, and therefore were already getting tested once a week). Then Kim started feeling like shit, along with her 7-year-old daughter North West. That’s when production on KUWTK stopped. via TMZ:

North started feeling sick soon after, and eventually both she and Kim discovered they had COVID too. At that point, producers decided to shut down all KUWTK shoots for 14 days while the family quarantined.

It’s not known when this clip of Kim was filmed, but it happened after Khloé Kardashian caught COVID in October (as Kim notes that Khloé understands how she feels) and before Kim took her baby bar exam. We also don’t know if Kim’s younger two children, 3-year-old Chicago and 2-year-old Psalm, also tested positive. Kanye West also had COVID, but much earlier on in the pandemic.

But at least Kim has a great new excuse for why she failed her baby bar exam! When we learned that Kim scored a 474 (a passing grade is 560), she claimed that she was up against a test that was actually much harder than the standard 4-year bar exam, because she was cramming all her education into three years of work. And she was taking the test in the middle of a pandemic while juggling her businesses. Now there’s the added layer that Kim got sick with COVID riiiiiiiight before took the test. Kim says she was supposed to be doing 12-hour study sessions every single day leading up to exam day, but that she was so sick and so exhausted with COVID that she “could hardly even get out of bed and study.” via Us Weekly:

Although she was extremely ill, Kardashian decided not to miss out on a chance to retake her first-year law student exam. Earlier in the episode, she’d shared that her first attempt had been a failure. While she could wait for the following summer to try again, she wanted to take the test with information still fresh in her mind.

Kim filmed a first-person video while she was sick, saying that she was having trouble breathing, but that she was going to take her test, COVID or not. And she took it, and she failed. The good news for Kim is that she can take the test again, and she recently told her sisters on KUWTK that she was thinking of re-taking the test in November. That’s six months from now, so she’s got plenty of time to study. But she’s also got the perfect excuse come November in the event she fails to pass again. “You guys, I tried sooooo hard, but THE HELP complained again about working 12 hours straight without a break and rolling my eyes at them took so much energy out of me that I had to lay down for the rest of the day.” 

Pic: Instagram

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