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I’m the World’s Strongest Man – here’s the insane amount of food I eat even on my days off, says Tom Stoltman

The World’s Strongest Man lifted the lid on what he eats on a normal day.

Tom Stoltman, who weighs in at an incredible 29 stone, lifted the title for the second time this year.

Tom Stoltman has been crowned World’s Strongest Man twice
Tom Stoltman picking up the World’s Strongest Man trophy for the second time
Tom Stoltman’s monster breakfast at his local Morrison’s
Tom Stoltman gave fans a look into his daily life

He’s now hoping to repeat the feat so revealed the work that goes into maintaining his giant bulk.

Surprisingly, he starts the day off at his local supermarket in Invergordon, Ross-shire.

In a Tiktok video Tom, 28, said: “Usually I go to Morrison’s for my breakfast.

“I go for eight eggs, some mushrooms and toast. I get that down me as quick as I can.”

After that he heads off for some mobility training before he’s filling his face again with his missus.

He said: “I take Sinead out for some food. Usually I have some beef stew, potatoes and veg.”

After walking his dogs Tom then goes for a sauna and plunges into an ice bath.

Fans on social media were amazed by what he manages to scoff..

One said: “That breakfast is more than I eat in a day.”

Another asked: “Why mushrooms when they have no nutritional value?”

Tom replied: “I like them.”

A lot of them were stunned that the world’s strongest man is a regular at Morrison’s.

A follower asked: “Do they sponsor you, or at least cover your breakfasts.”

The menu is nothing compared to what Tom puts away when he’s preparing for a major contest.

To ensure he’s in peak condition he guzzlesabout 14,000 calories in a day over four monster meals.

But Tom revealed that it’s not easy being a hulk. He revealed: “Walking around at 190 kilos every single day is not comfortable.

“Travelling for me is the hardest part, especially when it’s smaller aircrafts.

“But you have to make the most of it. We chose to be this big so you just have to suffer and deal with it.”

All the eating has paid off for the Rangers-daft beefcake him as he’s ranked the top strongman in the world.

We told how him and brother Luke met hero Arnold Schwarzenegger this year and towered over the movie legend.

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