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I go three days without food in a dark room and die in my mind to confront demons ahead of brutal UFC fights

UFC star Jiri Prochazka has lifted the lid on his crazy training methods that include being locked away inside a dark room for THREE DAYS.

The light heavyweight champion goes without food for 72 hours to confront his “demons” ahead of brutal fights inside the octagon.

Jirka Prochazka has unusual training methods
Prochazka has shared pictures of where he goes to spend three days in the dark
Prochazka is UFC light heavyweight champion

Czech fighter Prochazka credited sensory deprivation and meditation for helping to make his body stronger.

He spends days at a time by himself in a dark room, and only allows himself to drink water.

The 30-year-old beat Glover Texeira at UFC 275 back in June to win the light heavyweight title, so clearly his methods are working.

Prochazka has shared pictures to his Instagram account of the room where he locks himself away with no food.

Speaking on his methods, he told The MMA Hour: “That’s all in darkness for three days, and there you can work with your demons and train what you want.

“I don’t want to talk about a lot, because that’s like my personal things.”

Prochazka also admitted that the experience is “holy”, and while most people who meditate through sensory deprivation do so for minutes or hours, Prochazka does it for DAYS.

He continued: “That’s the biggest fun, because you have to go to the point where time is ending, and I can’t speak about that, because it’s so, not intense, for me, these things are so personal… and holy.”

Another of Prochazka’s unconventional training methods is following the Japanese Samurai code ‘Bushido’, and he also revealed in the past that he prepared for a fight by punching a TREE 500 times a day.

Prochazka faces Texeira again in December in a rematch of their UFC 275 encounter, which some fans hailed as the greatest UFC fight ever.

And ahead of the title bout Prochazka revealed spending three days in the darkness without food is “very helpful” for his training.

He said: “It’s very helpful. There is just you and you. No other people. That was my first time when I did that without food, so just with water. It’s much more strong when you’re without food.

“All the processes in your body is much stronger. Your mind’s working a lot, and you have to die here first.

“And three days, four days, that’s not so much.

“But I’m using that just to recognise who I am really, and then I can start training and pushing to the next level with truly me, more honestly.”

Prochazka submitted Glover Teixeira to win the UFC light heavyweight title in June

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