Rabab Haidar

Where persecuted writers find refuge

The Heinrich Böll House welcomes writers who can not freely write in their own country. Currently Rabab Haidar from Syria lives there. She had to flee her homeland because she resisted Assad. Rabab Haidar is one of the countless people looking for security in Germany. She is a writer and journalist from Damascus Read more…

Filmstill Head Full of Honey US Remake 2018

Why the US remake of “honey in the head” flopped

US media has torn Til Schweiger’s “honey in the head” remake. Now “Head Full of Honey” comes to German cinema. Why do German comedies only find Germans funny? American Studies Professor Christof Decker gives reasons. Seven million spectators flocked to Germany in Til Schweiger’s tragicomedy “Honey in the head”. Reason enough for the producer Read more…

Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg - Remains of a so-called Wagengrabes (GNM / A. Regenfus)

Archaeological rarity: remnants of a wagon grave are being restored

The Germanic National Museum has received a rare excavation from the Bronze Age – the remains of a so-called Wagengrabes. In the next few years they will be reviewed, restored and exhibited. Unfortunately, the superlative “sensational finding” is used too arrogantly in archeology. A sensational find are the remains of a wagon Read more…

RomArchive Damian Le Bas / Back To The Future! (Gallery Kai Dikhas & Diego Esteban Castellano Cano)

Sinti and Roma present their cultures for the first time in the “RomArchive”

With the digital “RomArchive” Sinti and Roma want to make their arts and cultures more visible in the future. They also act against prejudice. Federal President Steinmeier supports the initiative. “This project has historical significance for our minority in Germany and Europe,” says Romani Rose at the presentation of the  RomArchive , the digital Read more…

France Benedicte Savoy and Felwine Starr

“Desire is not to empty the museums”

Art historian Bénédicte Savoy and economist Felwine Sarr on stolen objects, exchanges with African and European colleagues, and expectations and fears on both sides. African heritage should no longer be a prisoner of European museums, France’s President Macron announced in 2017. He was serious and asked for expertise on what Read more…

Japan 28th Praemium Imperiale in Tokyo | US photo artist Cindy Sherman (picture-alliance / dpa / F. Robichon)

Cindy Sherman: The true selfie queen

She is one of the most sought-after artists in the world: The American Cindy Sherman staged herself – and criticized among other things, the simplified representation of the woman in the media. Now she is 65 years old. You’re never too old for a selfie – or for Instagram. At least not, Read more…