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  • Organic kohlrabi with exotic spices

    The Suriya Kanthi serves kohlrabi curry

    The cuisine of the island nation in the Indian Ocean is spicy. And the food is served lukewarm. Wijerathna Storz-Vidanage doesn’t do that in his Berlin restaurant Suriya Kanthi, his kohlrabi curry comes along hot. Almost like at home To this day, Wijerathna Storz-Vidanage longs back to Sri Lanka during the winter months. Only one thing helps: Eat […] More

  • Pancakes, Denver omelets and cutlets

    The Nalu Diner serves American breakfast

    Above all, American breakfast means many options. In the Nalu Diner, guests can put together everything themselves. Oliver Miller offers 50 different egg variations. And coffee to take away. A must: ketchup, mustard and maple syrup American breakfast differs from the European continental breakfast primarily in the range of hot dishes. These are usually very easy to […] More

  • Easter feast for the whole yearEaster feast for the whole year

    The tak tak serves Żurek

    Polish cuisine? Sure, pierogi are known, but Żurek? The sour flour soup is Karol Kasierski’s favorite dish. That’s why he also offers original Żurek in his tak tak – polish deli restaurant in Berlin. Persuasive Jasager Because his friends always annoy him by constantly saying “tak, tak” on the phone – translated “yes, yes” – the name for […] More

  • International cult of Empanada

    The Gloria serves Empanada Salteña

    The Argentinians love their dumplings with different fillings. The best baker is chosen in the province of Tucuman every year. The best empanadas in Berlin can be found at Santiago Farfan Marque in the Gloria. Honor to whom honor is due Before Santiago Farfan Marque came to Germany, he worked in the Argentine province of Jujuy as […] More

  • Tropical delicacy

    The Culinário studio serves mousse de maracujá

    Passion fruit famousse is one of the most popular desserts in Brazil. There are more than 500 different types of passion fruit in Sabine Hueck’s old home. In her Culinário studio, she likes to pass on the passion for sweets. Also known as passion fruit In Brazil there are not only 500 different varieties, everything is processed […] More

  • Idiosyncratic creation

    The Cocolo Ramen serves tantan ramen soup

    Ramen is not just any noodle soup. Ramen is the name of the Japanese noodle made from wheat flour, salt, and water. They are made in the restaurant Cocolo Ramen by Yosuke Sumida with a lot of heart directly on site. The perfect frame for ramen Ramen soups are part of everyday culture in Japan. Ramen noodles […] More

  • Montenegrin specialty

    The Lesendro restaurant serves Buzara

    Vladimir Kosic offers a different fish menu every day. For Buzara, a typical seafood dish, he serves grilled vegetables and salad. Almost like on vacation on the Adriatic coast – in the middle of Berlin. Freshly caught fish on the table Every day Vladimir Kosic searches for the best fish in the city – and is sometimes […] More

  • And as a side dish: the best rice in the world

    The Saray serves Gheimeh Bademdschan

    The most important accompaniment to Gheimeh Bademdschan, a kind of lamb goulash with eggplant and yellow peas, is rice. And nobody can cook it as well as the Iranians, says Saeed Sanatpour of the Berlin restaurant Saray. 1001 night Saray is old Persian and means: “the house where you feel comfortable”. The guests in Saeed Sanatpours Restaurant […] More

  • How will we live in the future?

    IFF cologne 2014: the art of living

    The international furniture fair “IFF Cologne” in Cologne presents the new design trends in the furnishing industry. In 2014, individuality, creativity, and naturalness are required. Set up tents Styled and tone on tone have had their day as trends. The new interiors tell stories: of traveling to distant countries, of longings, of people. The designer Alexander Seifried […] More