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    What You Need to Improve on Your Website for Better SEO

    Google’s goals have changed from finding the best keyword match to giving people the results with the best relevant content. Although similar, this approach provides distinctly different results. By adding the sophistication of machine learning, Google can infer a user’s intent and go beyond keywords. Search results now present information that users find more relevant […] More

  • SEO Acronyms Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know

    SEO Acronyms Your Small Business Owners Need To Know

    As marketing specialists, we know that equipping small businesses for success begins with helping them understand the basics of SEO acronyms and web lingo. SEO acronyms are basically a form of verbal shorthand that everybody uses and understands. These acronyms are essential to marketing. There are a number of essential terms that your SMBOs should know […] More

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    How to Produce a Company Story Video That Matters

    Company stories or culture videos are powerful pieces of media you can add to a marketing campaign You get to establish a connection with your audience, humanize your brand, and give it a unique voice and personality, all in the span of a single piece of content. How’s that for efficient marketing? That said, those […] More

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    Why It Matters to Google that You E.A.T.

    Google makes hundreds of changes to its algorithm every year. In most cases, they are minor tweaks that fix issues or streamline processes. However, there are a few significant broad core algorithm changes that affect entire industries and market segments worldwide, such as the EAT algorithm update of August 2018. The update reflected Google’s continuing […] More

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    Mobile First Indexing Has Arrived: 8 Ways Your Site Can Benefit

    Google still rules as the undisputed king of search engines. The site handles more than 35 billion queries per day from users all over the globe who are looking for everything from advice on how to handle personal relationships to find a local coffee house. Google is a part of most people’s everyday lives and […] More

  • jun 24 seo silos the beginners guide to silo website architecture

    SEO Silos: The Beginners Guide To Silo Website Architecture

    A silo is a great visual for a way of grouping pages to improve SEO. Just as silos on a farm group grains separately, maintaining their integrity and maintaining their value, siloing a website improves website optimization around a topic. If information weren’t divided with a content silos, it would be like mixed grain–inherently less […] More

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    Why A Website Redesign Enhances SEO Strategy

    Your clients would like to see optimal results for minimal work. For this reason, it can be difficult to convince them that a website redesign enhances SEO strategies. However, if you try to redesign a site without taking SEO into account, you are going to face bigger problems down the road. Start Off by Discussing […] More

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    4 Google Ads Gotchas to Watch Out For

    When you’re new to Google Ads—whether you’re looking to launch your first campaign or are wondering why your first campaign or two isn’t producing results—it’s easy to make mistakes. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The good news is, after auditing thousands of Google Ads accounts over the past few years, I’ve found that most […] More

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    Quality Content Matters More Than Ever Before

    As internet searchers have become increasingly savvy about sales and marketing tactics, the digital marketing landscape has changed. Companies need more than a website and an order form to attract customers and grow its business. Effective content marketing is about creating and sharing material online that informs and captures the reader’s interest. Google’s algorithm has […] More

  • 8 Tips on Designing Landing Pages That Retain Customers

    8 Tips on Designing Landing Pages That Retain Customers

    If you want to drive sales of a marketing product or service, no tool works quite as well as designing landing pages. This standalone web page serves no purpose other than to sell that single thing. It doesn’t link to other pages. It’s not a product page. It’s a mini celebration for this one product. […] More

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    Don’t Fall Victim to These 7 Deadly Digital Marketing Sins

    Digital marketing is a term that encompasses all strategies of communicating with your customers using technologies such as the internet, mobile phones, display advertising and other digital media. Catering to the various needs and expectations of such a diverse set of consumers through so many channels presents a unique set of challenges for businesses trying […] More