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I’ve got the roundest bum in MMA and I’m just one win away from cracking the UFC, says OnlyFans model and fighter

BOTTOM’S UP! A Birmingham model believes OnlyFans and possessing the “roundest bum in MMA” have left her just one fight from the UFC.

Alice Ardelean mixed Brum zeal with a far from bum deal to sell intimate snaps on the subscription website and transform her fighting career.

Alice Ardelean says turning to OnlyFans enabled her to train full time and has taken her to the brink of a UFC deal
Alice Ardelean’s online success is certainly not behind her as it’s propelling her dream to reach the top
Birmingham fighter Alice believes a curvaceous bottom is a gift that’s been Santa from heaven for her Octagon career
The model now trains four to six times a day, revitalising her performances

The model believes she has the globe in her hands after going from being a £600-a-month security officer to earning £10,000 a month from OnlyFans.

She could barely afford to train before but now does four to six sessions a day – helping her reel off five wins in a row.

Alice, 30, told the Daily Star: “As a fighter I am not really athletic with big muscles but I have a big ass. 

“So loads of people subscribed – and fighting and OnlyFans go really well.

“Obviously I get a lot of hate from people but they don’t give me anything and their opinions don’t matter.

“If only dignity would pay bills, rent, electricity, water, gas, food, training and equipment.

“I’m now known in MMA all around the world and popular for having one of the biggest and roundest booties.”

Alice turned to mixed martial arts about a dozen years ago because she’d been bullied for being a “bit chubby” and was scared “aggressive guys” would hurt her.

Now, however, she says some of those bullies send her direct messages on social media and she has 103k followers on Instagram.

And Alice has been told she’ll fulfil her “dream” of a UFC contract if she wins a world strawweight EFC title in South Africa in March.

Alice is proud of the way she’s powered her way close to a UFC deal
The former security officer went online to fund her career push

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