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5 Reasons a Digital Detox Will Help You Right Now

The year 2020 had the world adapting to things that had never before been imagined. Like boomers becoming consumers of social media applications like Tiktok and Instagram, and not only using them to watch videos but also becoming creators themselves!

Covid-19 welcomed an overreliance on digital platforms, and rightly so, as that was the only healthy way to communicate with our family and friends. However, the streak of overreliance on these platforms has continued even as the world has slowly begun to return to normal, as more people would rather spend time on their devices than allow themselves to be outside and present. Thus, there’s no better time to consider a digital detox.

While some industries suffer, the gaming and casino sectors continue to grow and enjoy heightened attention. The fact that money is on the line may be a significant motivation. With the chance to make real money from what many may consider a hobby, gamers derive more motivation to play live casino games, first-person shooter games, eSports, and engage in several other online activities that appeal to them. However, there’s a need to maintain a balance with all of these activities, and that’s where a digital detox might be helpful.

What Does it Mean to Go on a Digital Detox?

Digital detox involves intentionally reducing the time spent on your devices. There are two types of detoxes, and choosing which to embark on would depend on what you hope to achieve and which would work best with your lifestyle.

  • Complete Digital Detox: This means ditching technology in its entirety. If you go on a complete digital detox, it means you’re ready to lose complete communication with persons not in your immediate environment.
  • Partial Digital Detox: If you still choose to use your devices but limit the time you spend on them by either deleting certain apps or cutting the amount of time spent on the applications, then you are embarking on a partial digital detox.

Reasons to Consider a Digital Detox

Here are some important reasons to consider a digital detox right now.

1. To Improve Your Mental Health

Many insist that their time on social media applications is their way of destressing or finding a community. While these are valid reasons, these apps are designed to introduce you to even more creators, even those with content you have never shown interest in.

It’s important to remember that most of the time, what looks to be ‘perfection’ that you sometimes find yourself comparing yourself to is simply a show of perfection. Setting time to unplug from it and regain consciousness of your reality will allow you to appreciate your process, have less anxiety, and focus on becoming the person you want to be.

2. To Improve Your Life

It’s easy to get caught up in watching people live ‘their best life’ that we forget that we have a life that needs to be led. If you find it challenging to reach your own goals because all your free time is spent ‘destressing’ by scrolling away on social media apps or engaging in other things online, then it may be time for you to start a digital detox.

3. To Discover Yourself Anew

We are many things, and it’s vital to set out time to learn new things and develop ourselves as a person. This can be by learning a new language, learning an instrument, volunteering in communities, trying DIY projects, or any other you’re interested in but have never found the time to get at. Taking time away from the internet will do the magic and help you discover other things you love.

4. To Recharge Your Brain

If your source of livelihood does not depend on you keeping track of everything happening with the latest sensation on social media, then there’s no reason to keep up.

Going on a digital detox does not necessarily mean filling all the new free time with something or the other. Sometimes, it means sleeping more and allowing your body and mind time to rest. 

5. It Will Make You Feel Happier

Connections established with people on the world wide web are not as fulfilling as physical connections. Surely, we cannot compare the wholesomeness of feeling arms around you in a hug to what feelings (if any) are awakened in you when you get sent a ‘hug emoji.’ Really. It is time to give digital detox a go.

The Bottom Line

Before choosing to go on a digital detox, it’s crucial to prepare for it. This is because it is not as simple as deleting the applications on your phone or setting a reminder to get off the app. Chances are, you’d reinstall the app just as fast as you deleted it.

If you choose to go for a complete digital detox, it’ll be helpful to set a period to wean yourself off it first, especially if you are addicted to it. Making a list of what things you’d be doing with your time now that devices would not be at the forefront is a way to ensure that you don’t get bored and get tempted to jump back on the digital bandwagon.

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