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365 Days 2 release date, cast, plot synopsis, trailer and more

365 Days 2 is officially in the works at Netflix. After Netflix licensed and released 365 Days around the world in 2020, the movie has a massive hit.

Instead of waiting to license and distribute the second movie, Netflix picked up 365 Days 2 as an in-house production, according to a report from Deadline. That means it will be a Netflix original movie. Additionally, Netflix picked up the third movie, as well.

The movies are based on the book series written by Blanka Lipinska, who is also involved with the new movies.

Below, we shared everything you need to know about the 365 Days 2 release date, cast, plot synopsis, trailer, and more.

365 Days 2 release date

Netflix has not announced the release date for 365 Days 2 yet. Deadline is reporting the film starts production in May 2021, and then, the cast and crew will be filming the third film of the franchise once production wraps on the sequel.

Deadline also reported Netflix would release 365 Days 2 in 2022.

So, with production getting underway now, there’s a really good chance we’ll see this movie on Netflix in early 2022. Because filming was already delayed, the streaming network will likely push this movie out as quickly as they can, so that’s why I’m expecting a Q1 release for 365 Days 2.

There’s a chance it could be sometime in the spring of summer of 2022 when Netflix adds the new movie. Most of the big Netflix movies are Q2-Q4 releases, so maybe Netflix would hold the movie until the summer.

We’ll just have to wait and see the official release date when it’s announced.

365 Days 2 cast

We finally have a confirmed cast list for 365 Days 2. It’s not long, but it’s good to know that fans can expect their favorites back for the sequel.

Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka, who starred in the first movie, will be back for 365 Days 2, according to Deadline.

The report also confirmed that Magdalena Lamparska and Otar Saralidze will be back for the sequel. And, there’s new cast member, Simone Susinna, joining the sequel, as well.

We’ll share the full cast list when we find out!

365 Days 2 plot synopsis

We’re not sure where the 365 Days 2 story will go. At the end of the first movie, we see Laura getting kidnapped. At least, that’s what it appears. As it turns out, that’s what the second book, This Day, which the second movie is based on, is all about.

So, it’s reasonable to expect some of that.

Netflix has not shared the official plot synopsis for 365 Days 2 yet, though.

365 Days 2 trailer

We also haven’t seen the trailer for 365 Days 2 yet. As soon as we see it, we’ll let you know.

Stay tuned for more news about 365 Days 2 on Netflix.

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