• Kim Trump Summit – Why in Vietnam?

    Kim Trump Summit – Why in Vietnam?0

    In his speech to the nation, US President Trump said he would meet North Korean leader Kim in Vietnam in late February. There are good reasons for Vietnam. At first glance, Vietnam may be an unusual choice, but at second glance it becomes clear why the communist country could be the ideal location for the meeting. For

  • A meeting and many question marks

    A meeting and many question marks0

    Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is on a two-day visit to Ankara and Istanbul. Whether this trip to Turkey makes sense? Since many Greeks are not so sure. “Visit to the mining area” headlines the Athens newspaper TA NEA . A “Turkish adventure” suspected the online portal In.Gr. On Tuesday, left-wing Alexis Tsipras meets with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in

  • Why China does not want a new INF contract

    Why China does not want a new INF contract0

    The end of the important arms control agreement between the US and Russia is sealed. Now many eyes are turning to a country that has not been involved in the treaty so far: China. If two quarrel, the third is happy. This proverb may suit many situations, but China is not pleased with China’s exit from the

  • Rapprochement between Taliban and USA?

    Rapprochement between Taliban and USA?0

    Prolonged talks between US and Taliban in Qatar are fueling optimism that a peace solution is possible. However, most questions are open and the violence continues unabated. The current talks between US negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad (article photo) and Taliban representatives in their political representation in Qatar, which began on Monday, are just the latest in a

  • Thailand is fighting the flood of drugs from Myanmar

    Thailand is fighting the flood of drugs from Myanmar0

    In eastern Myanmar, a new production center for synthetic drugs has been established. Thailand has subsequently declared a new drug war, but with little chance of success. Eager monks, who make their way from house to house with stainless steel bowls and collect alms, are looked for in vain in the “Wat Kathu” temple on the

  • New Malaysian king elected

    New Malaysian king elected0

    Sultan Abdullah is the new king of Malaysia. The peculiarity: Abdullah is king with a limited term of office. 2024 is another Sultan’s turn. That’s how it is in Malaysia. Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah is the new king of Malaysia The Sultan of Pahang, Tengku Abdullah, was elected ruler until 2024. The 59-year-old takes over from former King