Greece Erdogan visits Athens

A meeting and many question marks

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is on a two-day visit to Ankara and Istanbul. Whether this trip to Turkey makes sense? Since many Greeks are not so sure. “Visit to the mining area” headlines the Athens newspaper TA NEA . A “Turkish adventure” suspected the online portal In.Gr. On Tuesday, left-wing Alexis Tsipras meets with Turkish Read more…

Former Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad

Rapprochement between Taliban and USA?

Prolonged talks between US and Taliban in Qatar are fueling optimism that a peace solution is possible. However, most questions are open and the violence continues unabated. The current talks between US negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad (article photo) and Taliban representatives in their political representation in Qatar, which began on Monday, are Read more…

Malaysia New King Tengku Abdullah

New Malaysian king elected

Sultan Abdullah is the new king of Malaysia. The peculiarity: Abdullah is king with a limited term of office. 2024 is another Sultan’s turn. That’s how it is in Malaysia. Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah is the new king of Malaysia The Sultan of Pahang, Tengku Abdullah, was elected ruler until 2024. The 59-year-old Read more…