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When is Gangs of London coming to Netflix?

Gangs of London ended up being one of Sky Atlantic’s second-biggest original drama launches of all time and has secured an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score, making it a must-watch affair. The intriguing action-packed, slow-burn thrill ride is an exceptional endeavor to behold, and many are more than curious to know when the crime drama will be available on Netflix.

The show that GQ called when it first released “a strong early contender to be the best show of the summer” comes from Gareth Edwards, who is notoriously known for being the man behind the international hit The Raid. The well-crafted fight sequences and next-level choreography seen in the feature are on display in a brilliant manner in every one of Gangs of London’s nine excellent entries.

The turbulent power struggles of London’s criminal elite are the primary focus of Gangs of London’s compelling plot. After the most powerful of all the crime lords is gunned down, his heir will tear the criminal underworld to shreds looking for his father’s killer, and the undercover operative assigned to infiltrate the family finds his in during this crisis.

The series features a top-notch cast, including Peaky Blinders actor Joe Cole, His House star Sope Dirisu, and Game of Thrones actress Michelle Fairley, amongst many other talented individuals. There is no shortage of reasons for fans to be excited about this endeavor, and it’s no surprise why many subscribers are wondering when the series will be coming to Netflix.

When is Gangs of London season 1 coming to Netflix?

Gangs of London has been available on Netflix in the UK for some time, but as far as the United States goes, the news is not as concrete.

It’s unknown at this time as to when Gangs of London will be available to stream on Netflix in the US. There has been no official announcement regarding the show’s future with the streaming powerhouse, and it may be a while before anyone knows anything more on this matter.

As far as where fans can watch Gangs of London, the series is available on AMC+, which is also available as an add-on channel for Amazon Prime members. The show is also up for purchase and rent on most VOD platforms.

Netflix subscribers should not be too disappointed at the lack of clarity regarding this conundrum as there are many other alternatives ready to go on the streaming service. Ozark, Breaking Bad, Elite, Lupin, and more are just a click away!

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