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Tyson Fury STOPS Derek Chisora in tenth round to set up mouth-watering Oleksandr Usyk world title unification fight

TYSON FURY banked his Oleksandr Usyk undisputed decider by making Derek Chisora earn every penny of his pension payout.

The 34-year-old WBC Gypsy King battered the 38-year-old for 10 hard-to-watch rounds before referee Victor Loughlin finally – belatedly – halted the Spurs drubbing.

Fury has his way with his old foe from the first bell
Chisora was badly hurt on several occasions

The ringside WBA, IBF and WBO champ from Ukraine was ringside and watched a masterclass from the giant.

But he will pose a far bigger test in Saudi Arabia in the Spring when these two geniuses meet for all of the belts.

The pair had a heated face-off on teh ring apron, in which Fury roared: “Where’s Alexander Usyk, the rabbit?!

“Hey, rabbit! Usyk, you’re next little b****, you’re next. You are next!

“Me and you, sucker, next. Me and you! You’re getting it, little sucker. Rabbit! P***Y!

“Look, a 15-stone little midget beat a bodybuilder. But I ain’t a bodybuilder, sucker. I’m gonna write you off!

Hopefully the Tottenham slaughter was Chisora’s retirement bout as he was beaten so badly the atmosphere collapsed even when he bravely would not.

Zimbabwe-born Chisora emerged to the inspiring theme song from Hollywood smash hit Black Panther, hoping to harness the mythical power of Wakanda.

The old warhorse with the Vibranium chin glistened in green and faux fur as his giant team kept the cold out with full-length puffer jackets straight out of the Arsene Wenger fashion playbook.

Fury was led to the ring by his eldest son Prince, 11, looking even more huge than 6ft 9in and 19st thanks to all of the extra layers under his red and gold robe.

The roar for his entrance was huge and the 64,000 fans belted out ‘Football’s Coming Home’ and even wife Paris filmed the atmosphere on her phone for the family archives.

As he promised Chisora stood his ground when referee Victor Loughlin tried to order him back to his corner to start the bout.


Del Boy started with jabs to the body and tried to loop in a right hand that missed wildly.

Fury landed with a big right hand but Chisora slashed back at his fleshy body.

Chisora was then buzzed by a ruthless Fury combination and looked all of his 38 years and 46 fights.

Fury was masterful at hitting hard and holding, to stifle a counter, like a prime Wladimir Klitschko before the Gypsy King dethroned him in 2015.

A ‘War Chisora’ bomb landed at the start of the second but Fury’s whiskers are proven now and he punished his old pal with a couple of left hooks to take control of the round back.

Chisora’s knees were buckled by a vicious right uppercut but he held himself up on the ropes in a neutral corner and acted as if liked the punishment.

Fury unloaded and it was hard to watch the Finchley veteran take so many digs flush on the chin without much of a defence or hope of winning.

It was vintage Fury in the third but hard to swallow as Chisora was hammered with rights and lefts from all angles.

It felt like Fury had had swapped shooting fish in a barrel wit harpooning a whale in a milk bottle.

Chisora was rattled again in the third but when he collapsed he pulled the defending champion down on top of him so avoided a count and a 10-8 round.

Del Boy refused to give up and was still bowling over right hand that you could have spotted coming from the Seven Sisters road.

Almost every shot the Morecambe mammoth landed looked like it could fall Chisora but he shuffled into the fifth round still throwing haymakers and swallowing shots.

Fury turned southpaw at the start of the fight to make it competitive and almost floored Chisora instantly, only the ropes and his huge heart kept him vertical.

A double-jab-right-cross peppered Chisora perfectly and a short right hook made him stagger backwards across the ring just before the bell.

The buzz had subsided by now as fans grew concerned with the brain cells Chisora was sacrificing for their entertainment.

Fury’s accuracy was so spiteful in the sixth, in contrast Chisora threw such a crazy punch he almost fell over the top rope.

The untouchable Traveller was enjoying his shift and smiling and talking after his best shots connected.

Chisora got a second – or first – wind in the seventh and slashed at Fury’s torso with hooks but they bounced off his famous love handles.

A peach of a right hand robbed Chisora of his balance again in the seventh but Fury refused to step on the gas and let him off – or sentenced him to – another round.

It was so easy by the eighth that Fury stuck his tongue out at the fans while he took a break from battering Chisora in his own red corner.

Chisora’s pummelled cheeks were swelling and closing his eyes, his corner doused his face in Vaseline in the hope more shots would slide off his bludgeoned face.

The struggling slugger spat out a mouthful of blood in the ninth but Fury had no choice but to keep raining blows down on his mate.

Fury started feeling sorry for Chisora by the end of the round before the 10th started his trainer Don Charles said he was only going to watch one more one-sided stanza before throwing in the towel.

Thankfully the referee got bored of the massacre in the tenth and waved off the ‘contest’ sparking boss in the bloodthirsty crowd.

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