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Nasarawa govt urges fair, credible state football association election

Nasarawa govt urges fair credible state football association election

The Nasarawa State Government has called for a transparent and credible election for the Nasarawa State Football Association (NSFA).

The appeal was made by the Commissioner for Youth and Sports Development, Hon. Jafaru Ango, during a meeting with the leading contenders for the Chairman position.

The Commissioner stated the significance of the Ministry’s role as the overseeing body for sports organizations in the state, stressing the need to ensure that sports associations uphold high standards and requirements for the advancement of sports in the State.

Ango assured that the government had taken a neutral stance in the upcoming election, urging delegates to vote for the most qualified candidates to lead football to new heights.

Jafaru called on the electoral committee to maintain the election guidelines, granting equal opportunities to all candidates, and promoting a process that is free, fair, and devoid of any form of violence.

He encouraged all participants to engage in the election with a spirit of sportsmanship, reminding them that regardless of the outcome, supporting the elected leader is vital for the growth of football in Nasarawa.

“As it stands today, the eyes of the sports world are focused on Nasarawa State and how you will conduct the FA Election.

“As a government, we play the oversight role of ensuring that everything goes according to the acceptable standard.

“Enter into the contest with the spirit of sportsmanship. Whatever the outcome is, accept it and support your counterpart to succeed. If you don’t win today, it is never the end of the world – there is a possibility that you might win tomorrow.

“The Electoral Committee must strictly adhere to best practices by allowing a democratic tradition to take a foothold in the forthcoming FA Election in the State.

“Electorates should be allowed to elect their leaders through a clean ballot process.

“The ELCOM must ensure a level-playing field and ensure that the election is secure, free, fair and credibly conducted.

“The electorate must not be intimated before, during, or after the election because everyone is a stakeholder.

“As a government, we believe in the unity and progress of the State and her people in all spheres.

“We are keenly following up on all the developments regarding the FA Election, and we wish every contestant the very best of luck at the poll.” The Commissioner said.

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