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Watch John Fury rip off top and challenge Jake Paul in amazing ringside footage before being branded ‘Shrek’

A CRAZY John Fury ripped his shirt off and confronted Jake Paul from inside the ring after Tommy Fury’s fight with Rolly Lambert.

Paul was in Dubai commentating on the fight and he had some very disparaging words for nemesis Tommy.

A furious John Fury had to be held back from getting to Jake Paul
Paul mocked John by likening him to Shrek
The YouTuber insulted John after mocking his son during the fight
Tommy Fury also tried to get at Paul after the bout

The YouTuber taunted Tommy by saying: “You f***ing suck.

“You are a f***ing amateur still. This is embarrassing. You have no d***!”

After Tommy’s win on points an incensed John Fury noticed Paul ringside, and launched a fiery tirade at the 25-year-old.

Fury said: “Come in here! Forget my son! I’m the king of the bare knuckle man!

“I could fight Mike Tyson to the death! Put the mic down and look me in the eye!”

Both John and Tommy tried to get at Paul but had to be held back by other members of their team, while the American continued to mock them.

He hit back saying: “You’re a miserable old man. Come fight me right now then.”

He later added: “That was madness. Honestly, I thought damn…he should start an OnlyFans.”


Paul then continued the altercation on social media by colouring a topless John Fury green and dubbing him “Shrek”.

The 6-0 fighter also went face-to-face with potential opponent Andrew Tate once again – days after he hinted he was in talks to fight the controversial influencer.

But it appears Tommy could finally be up next for Paul after the duo agreed to reschedule their grudge fight once again.

John revealed he and Paul’s manager Nakisa Bidarian shook hands on an agreement.

He said: “I’ve locked him down, backed him into a corner and checkmated him. He’s agreed to a February bout.

“He shook my hand, he gave me his word of honour his manager, it’s happening in February.

“I said, ‘Listen, if you back out, you’ll never live it down in your life and you can’t break a man’s handshake.’

“Contracts mean nothing to me but a handshake does and my word, you can build a tower block on it.

“He’s given me his word, his manager, we fight in February. And where better place? The world of Dubai.”

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