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5 Reasons to go for SAFe Agile Certification

With technology evolving at an alarming rate, it is important to keep yourself updated with the existing and trending technologies in order to keep pace with them. Certifications are the best way of keeping yourself updated with trending technologies. Certifications at different levels are available according to your level of expertise and experience, including entry-level or foundational, intermediate, executive, as well as advanced levels.

Agile certifications are considered one of the most sought-after certifications when it comes to project management. IT employees must add a SAFe Agile certification to their portfolios to improve their career advancement options because agile management is essential to the success of projects. Many aspirants choose to earn SAFe Agilist despite the certification’s considerably cheaper cost in India because of the variety of opportunities it enables.

Let us have an introduction to SAFe and the reasons for getting certified.

What is SAFe?

Developed by Scale Agile, Inc, SAFe, or Scaled Agile Framework is a certification program that validates your skills in Scaled Agile project management. This is one of the most widely used frameworks, with numerous companies using it.

The Scaled Agile Framework is the top enterprise agility framework in the world. The framework is currently in its 5th edition and has been embraced by more than 20,000 organizations worldwide. More than 700,000 professionals have received SAFe training, and many of them are employed by 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies in the United States.

Companies that use SAFe follow the patterns of workflow on the basis of Agile and Lean principles. To attain strategic and project goals, companies need an easy way to scale Agile across their organization. Despite having its roots in software development, this idea has since spread to numerous other departments in both private and public organizations.

Companies don’t unscramble the ways of executing a project; rather, they look for SAFe as tried and tested, well-documented framework. We have a distinct structure for roles and activities, as well as a people-centric perspective centered on producing high-quality goods.

To attain a SAFe certification, you need prior experience working with Scrum methodologies of project management. Also, need expertise in techniques used in software industries that include managing a product or project for at least five years, analyzing business techniques and processes, and improving the quality of products.

SAFe certification is ideal for professionals who possess experience in working with Scrum and Agile methodologies and want to advance their careers in this domain. SAFe hs have as emerged as the most reliable and promising framework that meets the needs of both the enterprise and the client in the many firms that have already made the shift to scale their Agile processes and methods of working. Customer pleasure has taken the role of customer satisfaction; thus, it is no longer just about meeting short-term demands but also about fostering long-term relationships and healthy engagements.

Let us have a look at some important reasons for acquiring a SAFe Certification.

Reasons for getting SAFe Agile Certification

  1. Improves Your Salary

Scaling Agile is rendered a niche skill in the project management industry, and therefore Scaled Agilist professionals are paid lucrative salaries. A SAFe certification enables you to earn great salaries and also makes your profile industry-ready, thereby improving your credibility. Statistics reveal that SAFe-certified professionals can earn around a whopping 25% higher than non-certified peers.

  1. Learn to deal with challenges

While preparing for SAFe certification, you get to understand the challenges of large enterprises. The training helps you to understand the end-to-end flow and all the aspects of the organization. Understanding the numerous value streams makes it simple to overcome obstacles and assist firms in continuing their client-focused journeys. It aids in understanding processes in-depth and learning various organizational facets. Prior to SAFe, a person could only have knowledge of the individuals they were interacting with; now, they may have knowledge of all delivery levels as well as roles and responsibilities.

  1. SAFe Agile Certification provides you with global recognition

Scaled Agile Certification provides you with global recognition as it is considered a niche skill by each IT company across the world. A SAFe certification added to your portfolio allows you to choose the industry as well as the country of your choice. This certification is considered one of the most sought-after certifications and is accepted worldwide. Today, an increasing number of organizations are on their way to adopting Scaled Agile practices in order to excel in project management. This enables them to attain a competitive edge in this dynamic market by meeting market requirements. Scaled Agile practices upgrade their content consistently, thereby making it robust and highly adaptable.

  1. A SAFe Certification makes your resume stand out

Certifications are like feathers in your cap that help you stand out from the competition when you add them to your portfolio. It greatly strengthens your resume and is in high demand all across the globe. Without certification, it would be impossible for you to gain an in-depth understanding of terminology and processes or to learn about the many facets of working in a scaled agile organization. This is one of the main reasons that recruiters seek professionals with SAFe certifications actively instead of hiring someone in-house.

  1. Lean-Agile Leadership

The SAFe framework combines values, standards, and processes that serve as the cornerstone of any business at scale, and these principles of lean and agile are deeply ingrained in this framework. With this certification, you can gain in-depth information about each variable, support structure, or fundamental Agile scaling principle. You’ll discover that SAFe is more than just delivery, coding, or pipelines; it’s also about the teams and individuals who work tirelessly to provide on-time releases. One of the reasons SAFe is so well-liked is because of this.


After reading about the benefits of a SAFe certification, you might have decided to pursue the same. Simplilearn can prove to be a one-stop solution for training yourself with the methods and best practices used in Scaled Agile methods. This training course can open the doors for you to become a Scaled Agilist easily.

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