Yeye Cabaret debuts to celebrate mother’s day – Newtelegraph

The convener Yeye Cabaret Ayo Ogundipe has flagged of the 2020 edition of their yearly event that celebrates mother’s day.


This year’s Yeye Cabaret which is billed to take place at the Podium, Lekki, Lagos, on March 22 will go with the theme ‘This woman’s work’.


According to Ogundipe, YYeye Cabaret, is poised to come up with an event that celebrates mother’s day and the need to include all mothers in the celebration of the day, as opposed to what was majorly celebrated in churches.


“I realised that there was no special place designated to host mothers or a place to take mothers to on every Mother’s Day. We always like to expand on the narrative of motherhood beyond Child bearing. We realize that there is much to procreation that meets the eye.


“As much as that we are trying to celebrate the woman beyond the domestic aspect of bringing up a child. We have women who are entrepreneurs, making strides in their own industries; we always try to expand that narrative that is part of what we are trying to do,” he said.


On how he came up with the idea, Ogundipe said: “I and a group of young people with creative minds came up with the idea of bringing Yeye Cabaret idea into reality. The word Yeye means mother in Yoruba land, While Cabaret is like entertainment where you can take a person to, or a Restaurant,” he said.


Yeye Cabaret is an event set to treat mothers to an evening of fine dining and premium entertainment like dance, music, spoken words and theatre


Other personalities to grace the day include, Dr. Yinka Jibunoh, a psychiatrist, who knows mental health issues, particularly Post-Partum Depression. She would discussing the causes and how to get help with guests at the event.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), BellAfricana, Bukky Asehinde was unveiled as the face of this year’s event.


Speaking with the media, Asehinde confirmed what a humbling experience it has been for herself and her daughter.


She also showed BellAfricana’s support by mentioning how they have been spreading the word to their audience.


Also, one of the partners, who was the content creator, Mrs. Yetunde Edunjobi expressed how glad she was for the Yeye Cabaret platform.


“Because I know mental health issues, particularly Post-Partum Depression is not really talked about, especially as someone who experienced it. I will be focusing on creating content around sustaining the conversation,” she said.



The two lead actresses and the producer for the theatre production, MojisolaKadiri, Theodora Onaopoi and AlabaAdesokun promised that it will be an evening of excitement, entertainment and education through the musical that will be performed.





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