The fear of the coronavirus has a firm grip on the financial markets. After all, when companies lower earnings and sales forecasts, it is poison for stock prices. But there are also profiteers.

In this photo illustration a mobile phone screen displays the Netflix logo in front of a computer screen showing Netflix series and movies screen in Istanbul

Wait and see Netflix

When the courses greased worldwide in the last week of February, the paper of the video streaming platform successfully resisted the trend. The calculation of the stock marketers is simple: If more and more people have to stay at home because of the virus, then more and more series and films are watching Netflix & Co.

A file photo shows the Peloton logo on the company's stationary bicycle

Spinning together in the living room

The fitness start-up Peloton Interactive, which offers exercise bikes and online fitness courses, cannot complain about the price development of its shares: Because more and more fitness junkies are avoiding their studio because of the virus, many are getting on a high-tech exercise bike from Peloton, with which they can use online can pedal in a network with others.

Lim Wee Chai and Stephane Bancel

Coronavirus billionaires

The head of the pharmaceutical company Moderna, Stephane Bancel (right), became a billionaire for a short time when the company had registered a new coronavirus vaccine for clinical testing in humans and the stock market price then skyrocketed. Lim Wee Chai from Malaysia, the majority owner of the manufacturer of medical gloves Top Glove, also rose to the club of billionaires.

A screenshot of Zoom website

Tools for home workers

The shares of the US startup Zoom Video Communications, which offers video conferencing, have risen by almost 50 percent since February. When more and more people work from home because of the corona epidemic, it is good for business, according to the analysts from Bernstein Research. With 2.2 million new customers, Zoom has already gained more active users this year than in 2019 as a whole.

Empty shelves in a supermarket

Empty supermarket shelves

Hamster purchases at Europe’s large supermarket chains such as Rewe or Carrefour occasionally swept the shelves for pasta or canned goods. The rush in the supermarkets caused investors to pounce on the stocks of companies that manufacture packaged food. Business is also booming at online retailers such as Amazon or China’s Alibaba – for fear of going to the store.

A customer shops for 3M N95 particulate filtering face mask at a store in East Palo Alto, California

When fear is good for business

Face mask, disinfectant, and hygiene wipe manufacturers are experiencing a surge in demand as shoppers are looking for ways to protect themselves from the rapidly spreading virus. The US group 3M, which manufactures facial masks, among other things, is one of the biggest beneficiaries.

Teamviewer logo

“Everywhere and every time”

At the German software company TeamViewer, which enables its customers to access IT remotely, the number of users has been going through the roof since the Corona outbreak, especially in China, the epicenter of the epidemic. The stock price rose by more than 20 percent in a few days.

Trading hall of the German stock exchange in Frankfurt (picture-alliance / imageBroker)

Earn even if the courses smear

The stock market turmoil in February boosted sales on the German stock exchange by almost 60 percent – and for every trade, its operator, Deutsche Börse AG, made a profit. With 2.8 million orders executed and a trading volume of EUR 18.6 billion, February 28 was the strongest trading day on the Xetra trading system since the 2008 financial crisis.


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