In order to curb the spread of false news, messages can only be forwarded to a limited extent. India had previously put pressure on the company after it came to Lynchmorden.

With the latest WhatsApp versions, individual messages can now be forwarded to only five recipients, said the Facebook subsidiary with. In doing so, WhatsApp focuses on the private exchange of messages with “close contacts”. So far, a message has been forwarded up to 20 times.

More than 20 people lynched in India

Such a restriction was already introduced in India in July. There, for example, an abridged video, which was actually created by an educational organization on the dangers of child abduction, was distributed in large numbers. The end of the video, in which the children were brought back with a warning to strangers, was cut out. As a result, there were numerous attacks by angry mobs on alleged kidnappers. More than 20 people were lynched.

The rumors had been spread through WhatsApp and social networks. As a result, the Indian government called on the company to limit the role of forwarding. Last summer, the Indian government called on the US company to take immediate action. With more than 200 million users, India is the largest market for WhatsApp worldwide.

WhatsApp claims to have around 1.5 billion users worldwide who send 65 billion messages every day. Most recently, the company, which has been part of Facebook since 2014, increasingly faced the spread of false reports. Also in the election campaign in Brazil in the summer of 2018 WhatsApp is said to have been used by the team of the victorious candidate Jair Bolsonaro to spread untrue rumors about the opposing candidates .

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