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What is Stowaway about?

Stowaway arrives on Netflix in just a few days. What is the sci-fi movie about, and is it worth watching? Here’s a look at everything you need to know.

What would you do if you were in the middle of space and found a stowaway on your ship? That’s exactly what a crew of astronauts need to decide when they find themselves in that exact situation.

That shouldn’t really be a surprise considering the title of the movie is Stowaway. It suggests that someone is going to be on the ship that isn’t supposed to be there. The reason he’s on the ship could be more of a surprise.

This isn’t a guy who wanted to see what it was like to be an astronaut. This is a guy who ends up on the ship without any intention at all, and it causes some major problems along the way.

Is Stowaway going to be for you?

The movie follows a group of three researchers/astronauts. Their mission is to help create life on Mars. They’ve planned for this and they know the sacrifices that must be made to do this. In the end, the potential for gain far outweighs the sacrifices made.

That is until they find an accidental stowaway. They’ve left Earth by this point. In fact, they’re too far away to turn back, and naturally, the stowaway is troubled by the news that he’s ended up in space somehow.

The trailer doesn’t give too much away. You see, the stowaway isn’t the surprise. The drama is in what the crew will do now. Their supplies are dwindling quicker than they should with the extra body, and they will all need to make a unanimous decision over what to do about this extra soul. Will they make a grim decision before it’s too late for all of them?

Stowaway is on Netflix on Thursday, April 22.

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