Today is the twenty-sixth year, tomorrow is the twenty-seventh year, the first day of the year is coming, and then the arrival of the third day and the fourth day of the year. Have you received any notices from the elementary school, junior high school, and high school squad leaders in the We-chat group recently? 39 little thin sisters received, the New Year’s high school class reunion, the New Year’s Day junior high school class reunion, only once a year, what kind of clothes should I wear? How to dress up? How to quickly slim up? Especially this is like a four-month-old belly, how to collect it?
Citizen’s troubles: I don’t know if I don’t usually love sports. I still have a variety of New Year’s greetings and parties in a week. I want to see my relatives, friends and classmates in the best condition, and insist on sit-ups. It’s been a week since I’ve been thin, but why is the meat that I want to lose? Is this painful pain disappearing or what? Should I continue?
39 little thin sister thinks that for a friend who doesn’t usually exercise and doesn’t do abdominal muscle training, if you do a sit-up in a fierce manner, it will definitely cause stomach pain, and the pain is the first after exercise. It will appear in two days. Is this pain the sorrow before the belly meat disappears?

In fact, this pain is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in the abdomen after exercise. This lactic acid is not the lactic acid of lactic acid bacteria. Because we have a metabolite called lactic acid in the body during exercise. Usually, if there is very little exercise, the intensity of exercise is suddenly increased. This intensity exceeds the intensity of anaerobic exercise, so that the water in the body can not be demarcated in a period of time. This oxygen deficiency phenomenon forms an anaerobic phenomenon. Metabolism, the body’s lactic acid is beginning to accumulate at this time.
After a bunch of theories, is it very boring and difficult to understand? I really don’t want to know why it hurts, just want to know how it doesn’t hurt, right? In fact, pain is also a good thing, which proves that the muscles have been exercised. Although lactic acid accumulation has occurred, as long as it is applied with a hot towel after exercise, it can accelerate the body’s lactic acid excretion.

39 little thin sister wants to say to our citizens, we must not give up, after a period of exercise, about 2 weeks, our body can adapt to this load intensity, when the muscles are no longer pain, the muscles are slow The days of slow disappearing are coming.
This new year is about to appear in front of relatives and friends. Let’s take a look at how this stomach does not hurt after this quick thin stomach exercise.

We must insert a 2 minute relaxation exercise after each vigorous exercise for about 10 minutes, which is a kind of relaxation for the tight muscles, which can avoid the circulation disorder caused by the tension, and the advanced influences the body metabolism. You can jog with the 39 little thin sisters, take a deep breath and do a variety of muscle stretching exercises, which can improve the blood circulation of the “fat”, reduce the pain and stiffness of the “fat”, and prevent exercise. After the damage.
39 little thin sister is here, I wish the little cute netizens who gave 39 a good body to have a good health.

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