The symptoms of each chronic hepatitis patient are different. The above is a detailed introduction to the four symptoms of chronic hepatitis. Different types of chronic hepatitis have different manifestations, but they are generally more difficult to detect in the early stages.
Hepatitis is a common liver disease and can be divided into chronic hepatitis and acute hepatitis. Some readers who are concerned about health will be curious. After suffering from hepatitis disease, our body will have some symptoms. For the sake of good health, prevention of disease or early symptoms of heart disease, what are the early symptoms of chronic hepatitis?

Chronic hepatitis, each with its symptoms

In fact, chronic hepatitis is divided into many types, and different chronic hepatitis will have different symptoms. The following is a detailed description of the specific symptoms of hepatitis A , hepatitis B , hepatitis C and hepatitis D.

First, the symptoms of chronic hepatitis A:

If it is a type A chronic hepatitis, there will be fatigue and weakness in the early stages, the color of the urine will deepen and the symptoms of not wanting to eat. Some patients are accompanied by symptoms of fever , and in severe cases, yellowing of the skin also occurs.

Second, the symptoms of chronic hepatitis B:

Some patients suffer from chronic hepatitis B. Unfortunately, the symptoms of hepatitis B are generally not typical, but they feel a little weak and feel fatigue. Most patients with chronic hepatitis B find their own condition when they are doing a physical examination. If the condition is obviously uncomfortable, they have already reached the point where they must be treated in time.

Third, the symptoms of chronic hepatitis C:

If it is a type C chronic hepatitis, the symptoms of fatigue and hypothermia will be relatively obvious. Similarly, some patients with hepatitis C have no symptoms. Patients with chronic hepatitis C can even have no apparent discomfort for up to twenty years. Some patients are sick and do not know. When they feel weak, they think that they will return to normal after a full rest, and often overlook the hidden dangers of the disease.

Fourth, the symptoms of D-type chronic hepatitis:

Finally, there is a type of chronic hepatitis. Hepatitis D is a type of defective virus that is usually infected on the basis of hepatitis B and does not normally occur alone. It can be seen that the disease of hepatitis D has relatively harsh conditions. Similar to the above several types, hepatitis D often has no obvious symptoms, and occasionally there is fatigue, liver discomfort or bloating.
What are the early symptoms of chronic hepatitis? This is a very common disease in life, but the symptoms of every chronic hepatitis patient are different, because there are many types of chronic hepatitis. The above is a detailed introduction to the four symptoms of chronic hepatitis, I hope to help everyone.

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