Video Shows ‘White Supremist’ Trump Supporter Assaulting Woman In Florida

Video Shows ‘White Supremist’ Trump Supporter Assaulting Woman In Florida
racist trump supporter in Florida viral video

Source: Twitter / @davenewworld_2

A new viral video on social media was serving as the latest apparent proof of the president’s ability to not only incite racial hatred among his supporters but also inspire them to act out violently because of that racism. At least, that seemed to be the case on the brief clip making its way around the internet this weekend and showing an unidentified apparent white supremacist shouting-out Donald Trump amid a racist rant that ended with him being tackled after assaulting an innocent woman in Florida.

The footage was sketchy from the start, with the video starting off by showing the shirtless white man on his knees unbuckling his pants at what appears to be a restaurant before several men tell him to get up. But that’s where things go even farther left.

“Call Donald Trump!” the man can be heard saying as apparent employees dressed similarly stand around watching him and telling him to get up from off his knees.

“Call Donald Trump right now,” he repeats.

As he’s walking away from the employees, her blurts out, “I’m a white supremist,” slurring his words just enough to suggest he could be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Then, while standing several feet away and staring directly into the camera filming the increasingly racist episode, he yells, “The Aryan Nation will rule the world!”

He briefly laughs maniacally while referencing “people covered in tattoos” before the employees finally intervene and tell him to calm down because children are present. That’s when it became apparent that the man had a large swastika tattooed on the left side of his chest.

But the self-proclaimed Trump-supporting, white supremacist Aryan Nation member responded with a string of expletives before staggering away with his pants still unbuckled.

Again repeating his plea for someone to “call Donald Trump, please,” he then goes on to threaten a woman with sexual violence before wobbling over to anther and violently smacking her in the face.

That’s when the employees and bystanders jumped in and tackled the unidentified white supremacist to the ground and subdued him, presumably until law enforcement arrived to take care of the rest.

The video is troubling and extremely graphic. Please exercise discretion if you decide to watch it.

It was unclear when the video was filmed as well as what led up to the video being filmed (you know, besides some tattooed and shirtless white man on his knees unbuckling his belt at an apparent restaurant…).

One thing is all but for sure, though: That white supremacist is not alone in how he feels and will proudly march to the polls in November to cast his ballot for Donald Trump. Because this is America.


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