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  • Play of colors in Bayreuth

    The most beautiful travel destinations in autumn

    Nature is the highlight in autumn. We show you where autumn in Germany is at its best. From the Alps to the sea, from the forests to the lakes. Bird migration on the Baltic Sea The table is set – every year tens of thousands of cranes rest on the Baltic coast in autumn. They strengthen themselves for […] More

  • Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

    Europe’s most visited tourist attractions

    Over 500 million tourists travel to Europe every year. The continent thus attracts around half of the global tourist volume. We show a selection of the top sights. Notre Dame, Paris The Gothic cathedral in the heart of the French capital was made famous by the novel by Victor Hugo “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. Here are the […] More

  • Frisian tart

    Ten reasons for Schleswig-Holstein

    It is the land between the seas, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. The maritime character can be felt in many places – reason enough to visit Schleswig-Holstein with its wonderful beaches, islands, and port cities. Capital of Culture of the North The maritime flair of Schleswig-Holstein also shapes the Hanseatic city of Lübeck with […] More

  • Filipino breakfast with rice

    The pan serves beef tapa

    The marinated beef is a classic in the Philippines. As children, Melanie and Ann Ronette Kowasch liked to eat the dish for breakfast. It is one of the absolute bestsellers in her Pan restaurant. Something strong for breakfast “In childhood we ate that very often, mostly for breakfast. There is also a hearty meal. There is rice […] More

  • Traditional clay pot from Morocco

    The kasbah serves lamb tagine with plums

    Typical of Moroccan cuisine is the tagine – which means both the dish and the pot. In his “Moroccan Salon”, the Kasbah restaurant in Berlin, Driss Haggoud naturally cooks tagine. North African flair in the middle of Mitte Driss Haggoud designed his Kasbah restaurant, which opened in the Mitte district of Berlin in 2003, like a […] More

  • Montenegrin specialty

    The Lesendro restaurant serves Buzara

    Vladimir Kosic offers a different fish menu every day. For Buzara, a typical seafood dish, he serves grilled vegetables and salad. Almost like on vacation on the Adriatic coast – in the middle of Berlin. Freshly caught fish on the table Every day Vladimir Kosic searches for the best fish in the city – and is sometimes […] More

  • Egyptian national dish

    The Koshary Lux serves Koshary

    Koshary is arguably the most popular street food in Cairo. The Egyptian national dish, which consists of chickpeas, pasta, lentils, rice and tomato sauce, also gave Michael Landeck’s restaurant its name. Street food from North Africa Koshary, also called kushari, can be found on every street corner in Egypt. Oriental spices and white wine vinegar ensure the […] More

  • Thai curry

    The Dao by Meo serves Gaeng Kua Gai

    The chicken and yellow curry dish are as common in southern Thailand as roast pork in Bavaria. Because she was born in the south, Pratina Kross specialized in curries with her Dao by Meo. Cultural ambassador Pratina Kross runs a cooking school directly above her restaurant. There, it not only conveys the good taste of […] More

  • Carnival starts in Cologne

    Cologne Carnival: Eleven tips for beginners

    It starts! The street carnival has started in Cologne. That means six days of non-stop partying. What do I wear, where do I have to go and how do I actually survive? The first time back? Don’t be afraid of strange jokes! Just follow the people, let them drift and above all join in. Say: If someone hooks in, sway […] More

  • Fascination with opera New Opera House in Copenhagen

    Opera houses that should be seen

    Operas are cathedrals for music, stages for their audience and sometimes a glamorous ballroom. Anyone who visits them is ready for a festive, unforgettable evening. Ten opera houses to fall in love with. Vienna State Opera Every year the Vienna State Opera transforms into an elegant ballroom, where 5000 guests frolic and waltz dance. For this, the seating […] More

  • China | Tourism and Corona | Hong Kong (picture-alliance / dpa / Vincent Yu)

    Corona virus hits global tourism hard

    The coronavirus has a firm grip on global tourism. The situation in Asia is particularly dramatic. The European tourism industry is also becoming increasingly nervous. A rare sight – the Louvre deserted because employees are on strike for fear of corona Empty hotels, canceled flights, closed sights. The coronavirus paralyzes global tourism. The industry is […] More

  • 5 Best Destinations for Snowmobiling in North America

    5 Best Destinations for Snowmobiling in North America

    More cities, resorts, and parks are going the extra mile to accommodate the booming activity of snowmobiling. The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) estimates 124,786 were snowmobiles sold worldwide in 2018; 53,179 were sold in the US and 47,024 were sold in Canada. If you’re considering a snowmobile winter vacation, here are five awesome destinations for novices […] More

  • Nymphenburg Castle

    Ten reasons for Munich

    Lederhosen, beer, and Oktoberfest: typical of Germany – this is the worldwide known cliché. This picture was shaped by Bavaria and its state capital Munich, where you can find all this and a lot more. Glockenspiel at Marienplatz Don’t miss Munich city center, especially the carillon in the tower of the New Town Hall. The 32 figures […] More

  • Dresden Frauenkirche

    Germany’s most famous sights

    Tourism in Germany is booming. 2019 was the tenth record year in a row. Domestic and foreign travelers are mainly drawn to the big cities and they have a lot to see. Here is a selection. Cologne cathedral Its almost 160 meter high towers rise majestically into the sky: Cologne Cathedral is the symbol of the city of […] More

  • Celebrate on all channels

    Venice Carnival

    The Carnival in Venice takes place until February 25th. But this year, the city, which is usually overrun by tourists, complains about too few visitors. The reason is the flood three months ago. It is celebrated anyway. Celebrate on all channels The spectacle traditionally begins with the cruise of decorated boats on the city’s canals. The following days there […] More

  • Margravial Opera House

    Bavaria’s most popular palaces and magnificent buildings

    The Bavarian administration of the state palaces, gardens and lakes has drawn a visitor balance for 2019. Almost 5.2 million guests were counted. Guess which castle occupies 1st place. 10th place: Margravial Opera House In the visitor ranking, not only castles and fortresses were taken into account, but also cultural monuments and theaters such as the Margravial […] More

  • The most beautiful train stations in Europe

    The most beautiful train stations in Europe

    Not only is it quick and easy to travel by train, you can also marvel at beautiful train stations – whether historical or modern. Here is a selection. Antwerp – jewel in the diamond city If you have to go to the train in the diamond and port city of Antwerp, you should take the time […] More

  • German reunification

    Clärchens Ballhaus: a Berlin cult pub takes a break

    Clärchens Ballhaus has lived and survived over 100 years of German history. Now the legendary Berlin dance temple closes for unknown duration due to necessary renovation work. A look back in pictures. Gentrification arrived in the dance hall? Here people still go to sleep, as the Berliners say. But at the weekend, the ballroom, loved for its crumbly […] More

  • SchUM - Jewish tradition on the Rhine

    The Jewish heritage of Speyer, Worms and Mainz

    Speyer, Worms and Mainz are considered the cradle of European Jewry. Jewish life shaped these three cities for more than 900 years. There are still traces of that time today. Judenhof in Speyer When Jews settled in Speyer in the 11th century, they built the Judenhof, an ensemble of synagogue, women’s synagogue and ritual bath. The ruins of […] More

  • Eyeing The Storm!

    Eyeing The Storm!

    Does travel always have to be about sugar spice and everything nice? About rainbows, sunshine, sand, and snow? What lies on the dark side when you flip the coin? Oh no, this isn’t an article about traumatic travel and bad experiences, on the contrary, it is about finding your baddest self, pushing boundaries, and coming […] More