Tolani calls Kaisha is a weird B**** » YNaija

Tolani calls Kaisha is a weird B**** » YNaija
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The new week in the Big Brother Naija House began on an interesting note. It was routine as usual with workouts, showers, chores, breakfast and conversations taking a chunk of the housemate’s morning.

Breakfast fight

However this particular breakfast was peculiar. Breakfast on Monday morning, saw to an unlikely confrontation between  Tolanibaj, who is usually reserved and Kaisha, who has seen her own fair share of altercations since she got in the house. While the housemates had breakfast, Tolani brought up an issue which she seemed upset about. She accused Kaisha of pushing her.

Kaisha at first denied it, then later admitted it, and subsequently apologized. Tolani however didn’t seem satisfied with the apology, as she deemed it insincere. This is when Tolani called Kaisha a weird bitch, and promised to check her this week.

Head of House

The head of house challenge was held on Monday evening, as is customary in the BBN house. The game was the same as last week’s with no major differences. Last week’s head of house, Nengi was exempted from participating.

At the end of it all Lucy came out on top. This, to say the least, is an interesting turn of events, considering how difficult the new head of house can be. Matter of fact, her first line of duty was to instill discipline in the house, particularly with house chores. She wasted no time assigning duties to housemates. “Let’s join hands and clean the House. You clean today it will be easier the next day.” She instructed.

She would eventually pick Prince as her deputy head of house, as Biggie instructed that the deputy must be of an opposite sex.

First Kiss

For those deeply in tune with the idea of shipping in the house, well good news, Neo and Vee have taken their relationship a bit further with some lip action.

The pair who have shied away from taking bold steps in their relationship, were dared to kiss each other in a game of truth or dare, and honestly, they jumped at the opportunity.

We can safely say that this ship, shows a lot of promise. With a kiss being a new level they have scaled through.

Possible Eviction 

Following Biggie’s new eviction rules, every single housemate in the house is up for possible eviction except the head of house; Lucy, and deputy head of house; Prince. The fans are to vote to keep their favorite housemates in the house, and instructions to vote for your fav is on the Africa Magic site.

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