Titans G.M. Jon Robinson: Vic Beasley’s absence is unexcused

Titans G.M. Jon Robinson: Vic Beasley's absence is unexcused

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Pass rusher Vic Beasley signed with the Titans in the offseason. However, he has not shown up for training camp.

“On Tuesday, July 28th, we placed Vic Beasley on the Reserve-Did Not Report list,” G.M. Jon Robinson said in a statement issued by the team on Thursday. “I have been in contact with Vic, he is not here, he understands his absence is unexcused, and he told me he will be reporting to camp in the near future. Our current focus is on the players that are here now, getting everyone acclimated to the protocols, and our football program. We will have the same acclimation process with Vic when he reports.”

Beasley received a $6 million signing bonus as part of his one-year, $7.5 million contract. His failure to report for camp puts a portion of that bonus in jeopardy; if he misses six days, he can be required to pay back 15 percent of the bonus. It also exposes him to daily fines of $50,000, which under the new labor deal can be waived only as to any players operating under the terms of their rookie contracts.

Some thought that Beasley was staying away in lieu of opting out. He could still opt out. If he does, he’d keep the full $6 million signing bonus, delaying a $1.5 million base salary into 2021.

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