The climate protection activist Greta Thunberg is back on the road – of course by train. Your destination: Rome. There is also planned an encounter with Pope Francis. He should have great sympathy for the young Swede.

Greta Thunberg will meet Pope Francis at the general audience this Wednesday. The 16-year-old belongs to the circle of visitors who are likely to greet the head of the Catholic Church in St. Peter’s Square, a Vatican spokesman with.

The Swedish activist has been on strike since August 2018 for more climate protection worldwide. The protest of the 16-year-olds has inspired mostly young people all over the world to take to the streets on Fridays to work for a stricter climate policy. Francis is also committed to this topic. Already in 2015, he published an environmental encyclical entitled “Laudato Si”, calling deniers of climate change “stupid”.
In Rome Thunberg wants to take part next Friday in a strike of students. “I know this is a holiday, but because the climate crisis is not going on vacation, we will not do that,” she tweeted. Good Friday – the Friday before Easter – is a public holiday in Sweden, but not in Italy.

“Real Prophets”

At the weekend, Berlin’s Catholic bishop Heiner Koch even compared Thunberg’s role as a model with that of Jesus Christ. The “Fridays for Future” -demonstrators would see in her an idol, some politicians and media Greta is revered as a heroine, said Koch in his episcopal word on the radio. “The Friday demos remind me a little of the biblical scene of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.”

Berlin: Bishop Heiner Koch (picture alliance / dpa / L. Ducret)Daring comparison: Bishop Heiner Koch

He is not concerned with turning Greta Thunberg into a female Messiah, Koch said, adding, “However, I would like to recall that from time to time our society, and also our church, needs real prophets to point out grievances and aberrations and solutions suggest. “

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