• Else Lasker student: “My heart”

    Else Lasker student: “My heart”0

    Unmatched, provocative, cheerful and desperate: the Expressionist poet wrote a farewell to a marriage – and to an entire era. A woman writes letters to her husband. The marriage – her second – is in the process of dissolution. She talks about various love affairs, encounters and dreams, gossip and gossip in the “Café des Westens” on

  • Rainer Maria Rilke: “The Records of Malte Laurids Brigge”

    Rainer Maria Rilke: “The Records of Malte Laurids Brigge”0

    A diary-like text without action, without chronology becomes the pioneer of modern narration. With Rilke’s only novel, the identity crisis becomes the subject of literature.  Hard to believe, but here is the talk of Paris, the dazzling cultural capital of the Fin de Siècle. But in Rilke’s novel, nothing of their splendor is felt. Rather, one encounters a

  • Robert Walser: “Jakob von Gunten”

    Robert Walser: “Jakob von Gunten”0

    It is the most enigmatic book by the Swiss writer. About one who rebels by being completely subordinate, makes himself small. The portrait of the devout revolutionary of literary history.   One knows this story from innumerable novels: A young man moves abroad, leaves father and mother to dare new things. Adventures are waiting for him, big tasks,

  • Robert Musil: “The confusion of the pupil Törless”

    Robert Musil: “The confusion of the pupil Törless”0

    Musil’s debut is more than just a classic school novel: an analysis of power and abuse, cruelty and the desire for humane humiliation. A literary anticipation of approaching fascism. “The shortest connection between two points” Musil once called his debut novel. He even claimed that he wrote the book at just 25, out of boredom during his

  • An attempt to stop the move to Europe from Nigeria

    An attempt to stop the move to Europe from Nigeria0

    In Nigeria, experts say that the easiest way to prevent a long-term trip to Europe and young people is to encourage them to look for small businesses. Nigeria is the country that God has bestowed on human and human resources, as well as those of other neighboring and far-reaching countries who are struggling to grow

  • The UK is in a very difficult fashion

    The UK is in a very difficult fashion0

    May have just dropped back to the polls after the parliament dismissed the draft resolution on the withdrawal from the EU. British Prime Minister Theresa May has begun negotiating with other political leaders in an uprising on the future of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. It’s coming after Mrs. May have just dropped back to