The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira pranked during last days as Michonne

The Walking Dead's Danai Gurira pranked during last days as Michonne image
The team made sure Danai got a fitting goodbye to Michonne (Picture: AMC)

Danai Gurira’s time as Michonne on The Walking Dead has
ended – but the team on the series made sure that she went out in style with
her own horde of a goodbye.

The actress revealed that after one hell of an emotional
farewell as she wrapped over her time on the show, the star needed some peace
and quiet in her trailer to digest, but what she was greeted with was far from

to Entertainment Weekly
, Danai giggled as she said: ‘I was really blown
back by how much love I received from everybody.

‘I go back to my trailer after having this amazing
reception, and there were about 50 zombies in my trailer! They were all over —
lying on my couch, on my chair, in the shower. They were everywhere!’

Hey, who said you can just walk away from The Walking Dead
without some kind of memorable goodbye?!

Michonne’s fate is still unknown to fans, but with the
season 10 finale coming ever closer, we don’t have too much longer to find out.

Danai’s time on The Walking Dead is nearly up (Picture: AMC)

‘It was incredibly hard to even imagine leaving,’ she told
the site. ‘I loved that show. I loved the family that I had there.

‘The beauty of coming to work and loving the people you’re
around and the work that you’re doing and the things you get to do and call it
your job is like nothing I could have imagined.

‘It’s been a true gift to my life to have been part of it.’

What does the rest of season 10b hold for Michonne? (Picture: AMC)

Currently, the members of Hilltop don’t look like they’re in
the best spot – with one of the
fates looking sealed
after the end of the last episode.

Alpha (Samantha Morton) has been keeping her horde to
herself for quite some time, and now the Whisperer leader has finally decided
to unleash her collection of zombies on Daryl and his gang.

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Throw in the fact they are surrounded by fire and covered in gasoline as well… and let’s just say this is going to end horrifically.

The Walking Dead continues Sundays on AMC in the US and Mondays on Fox
in the UK.

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