The Serrano serves ceviche

Cultural heritage of Peru

Ceviche is more than a Peruvian fish dish. Since 2004 it has been the “cultural heritage of the nation”. No wonder that Enrique Serván, head of the Serrano restaurant, also celebrates ceviche in his Berlin restaurant.

The Peruvian restaurant Serrano in Berlin Wilmersdorf (Photo: Lena Ganssmann)

The Serrano was launched in 2010

“Cooking was no stranger to me. My family cooked every day and my mother taught us something over and over again. It wasn’t a big challenge to be in the kitchen, and I thought I liked it and it is a reasonable job! ” – Enrique Serván

Enrique Servan in his Serrano restaurant in Berlin (Photo: Lena Ganssmann)

Enrique Serván came to Berlin at 18

Born in the Peruvian capital Lima in 1970, Enrique Serván grew up as the second youngest with seven siblings: “When I think of Peru, I think of my family, my childhood, which was perhaps the happiest time of my life, being unconsciously happy, and to have nothing at all! ”

A sign with the words 'Reservado' is on a table in the Serrano restaurant in Berlin (Photo: Lena Ganssmann)

Clear concept

“There was no such thing as a real Peruvian restaurant, where they cook professionally and where I can offer a reasonably European ambiance, and I thought why not. I am a true Peruvian and I am convinced that here in Germany this authenticity must also be available in a foreign restaurant. ” – Enrique Serván

Preparation of the Peruvian national dish ceviche (photo: Lena Ganssmann)

Raw fish?

For the Peruvian national dish, the diced fish, such as eagle fish, cod or sea bream, is marinated with lime juice. This method of preparation denatures the protein, similar to the cooking process. So the fish is not completely raw. Ceviche is extremely tasty and very healthy, one serving has only around 300 calories.

The Peruvian national dish ceviche (photo: Lena Ganssmann)

The cultural heritage of Peru

Peruvian cuisine is varied, often spicy. The national dish ceviche is made with Rocoto, the Peruvian chilli: “It’s easy to confuse with paprika. The difference is in the black seeds and they are quite spicy. And it’s quite dangerous if you just take them.”

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