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Rihanna is in the news once more and the ‘Navy’ is beyond excited this time. No, there’s no new music yet––it’s Rihanna on the cover of multiple Harper’s Bazaar September issues, from the US to the UK to Español and España. The article covers Rihanna’s career revolution from Riri, the musical phenomenon to Robin Rihanna Fenty, the business mogul that she currently is. Rihanna Instagram 2020

Recently, she released the first three products from her highly anticipated skincare brand, FentySkin to wide acclaim. But this isn’t the only thing Rihanna has recently had positive reviews about. Rihanna sexy.


Kahlana Barfield Brown, who authored the article, tells us of the first time she met Rihanna and the big hug she received even without knowing the musical icon personally. This adds to the testament of many people of the superstar’s humility. And that is just one of the inspiring revelations about this very interesting phenom.

Here’s more of what Harper’s Bazaar revealed about Rihanna…

#1. Rihanna is a real one Rihanna Instagram 2020


This may be obvious from random fun video clips of her on social media or perhaps you have deduced as much from her interviews, whatever it is, as nice as you think she is, Rihanna is said to be even nicer in person. “Rihanna gave off the type of down-to-earth vibe you’d expect from a homegirl you’ve known since middle school,” wrote Kahlana who cannot bring herself to forget the hug that Rihanna gave to her as an upcoming journalist looking for her big break in the industry. Rihanna sexy.


Rihanna takes this niceness to a number of spheres beyond just personal relationships as she immerses herself in causes for Black people and humanity in general. Her non-profit, Clara Lionel Foundation, named after her grandparents, and its partners have committed up to $36 million dollars for emergency response efforts during the pandemic.

#2. Rihanna is a committed activist


Rihanna is committed to speaking up about the plight of Black people and the systemic racism faced in day to day living. She was one of the first celebrities to speak up about the brutal killing of George Floyd to her 85 million Instagram followers. Her caption read, “If intentional MURDER is the fit consequence for ‘drugs’ or ‘resisting arrest’… then what’s the fit consequence for MURDER???!”

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Her activism was noticed and awarded by the NAACP in the Image awards this year. During her speech, she reminded Black people, people of color, and their allies to “pull up,” be part of the movement and stand on the side of justice.

#3. She mixes her passions so seamlessly

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Rihanna’s business ventures include makeup line, Fenty Beauty; a Paris-based fashion house that she created in partnership with luxury conglomerate LVMH, Fenty; an inclusive intimates collection, Savage X Fenty and now her skincare collection, FentySkin. Rihanna Instagram 2020


Before this, Rihanna was an artist and is currently teasing the Navy––as her fans like to be called, with her upcoming album, R9. This is supposed to be her ninth studio album. Rihanna has found a way to seamlessly integrate these different industries together under her personal brand.


For her makeup brand, she integrated her activism for Black people around the world by providing inclusivity for them in a wide variation of foundation shades. She forever set the 40-shades-benchmark for beauty brands, essentially challenging the lack of inclusion in the beauty industry and the market at large.

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Her dedication as a musician has also shown clearly in her work ethic now as a businesswoman. It is evident that Rihanna understands that beauty goes beyond makeup and skin, instead it sinks into our very identity as people. Rihanna continues to break barriers and constantly inspires us to keep pushing! Rihanna sexy.

Watch the Rihanna feature on Harper’s Bazaar’s ‘Go to bed with me’…

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