That was clear: Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and FC Schalke 04 – all kicked out by English teams from the Champions League. A moment to think, says Joscha Weber.

Germany against England 0: 3. You can break down the knockout stages of the Champions League to this simple formula. Of course, the meeting of six club teams with all their domestic and foreign players is far from a comparison of two national teams and yet the message is undeniable: German (club) football has lost the connection internationally, the Premier League is the Bundesliga miles enteilt.

Borussia Dortmund – Tottenham Hotspurs 0: 4 , FC Schalke 04 – Manchester City 10: 2 , Bayern Munich – Liverpool 1: 3 (each played back and forth game). Only the numbers speak volumes. And who has seen the games, must realize: Not only the results of these games were devastating from a German perspective. Also playful, tactical and even combative gaped considerable gaps between the teams of the Bundesliga and their opponents from the Premier League. The round of 16 was a demonstration of British football.

Good news: No German club, but all four English clubs in the quarterfinals

Weber Joscha Comment Image AppDW sports editor Joscha Weber: “German football now has a choice that is not really beautiful”

England celebrates that all four teams from the island are in the Champions League quarter-finals. In contrast, for the first time in 13 years, no German club in the quarterfinals of the premier class more represented. More clearly, the highest European competition could not document the shift in the balance of power. They had become accustomed to the dominance of the Spanish clubs in the European Cup competitions, behind them, however, England, Germany and Italy landed again and again successes. Now the Premier League is taking over with all your might. And that has reasons.

The financially strongest league in the world will receive around 5.4 billion euros in just three years from domestic TV marketing alone and thus clearly outclasses all other leagues. In addition, there are foreign marketing and merchandise or ticket sales. With this money, the Premier League can buy the best players in the world and steal the Bundesliga jewels such as Leroy Sané, Ilkay Gundogan, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Kevin de Bruyne or Heung-Min Son quite legally from the showcase. And even if money literally does not score goals, this bloodletting sometime affects.

German football faces an uncomfortable decision

If Jürgen Klopp jokes that he is hoping that “not some city or state championship” will be in the Champions League, the representatives of the Bundesliga can not really laugh at it. Too heavy is the loss of the millions in revenue, which will wave in the further rounds of the Champions League. The financial gap between the Premier League and the Bundesliga should therefore continue to widen.

The German football now has a choice that is not really beautiful: either radically work on the revenue side, so increase TV revenues with even more pay-TV contracts, increase the foreign marketing with more presence (and games) abroad and the For fans with higher ticket and merchandise prices even more money from the bag and thereby finally raise the already seething fan base against him. Or give up the capitalist race against the Premier League as already lost and get used to an early exit in the European Cup. This is a moment to think about German football.

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