The most beautiful travel destinations in autumn

Play of colors in Bayreuth

Nature is the highlight in autumn. We show you where autumn in Germany is at its best. From the Alps to the sea, from the forests to the lakes.

Autumn in Germany Zingst Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

Bird migration on the Baltic Sea

The table is set – every year tens of thousands of cranes rest on the Baltic coast in autumn. They strengthen themselves for the onward flight to their winter quarters in the south. Thousands of tourists travel to the natural spectacle every year.

Autumn in Germany Jasmund near Sassnitz on the island of Rügen

Romance on Rügen

The beech leaves on the Baltic Sea island have turned pale yellow. The Königsstuhl is located in the Jasmund National Park. The chalk cliff formation became known worldwide as a romantic motif by the painter Caspar David Friedrich in the 19th century.

Autumn in Germany Sylt

Take a deep breath on Sylt

Calm has returned to the North Sea islands. Loneliness instead of crowds of tourists. The beaches on Sylt also invite you to take long walks. Pure island romance!

Autumn in Germany Sanssouci

Mirror image in Potsdam

Sanssouci Palace in two versions, embedded in an extensive garden. Everywhere you meet gardeners who make the park winter-proof. King of Prussia Frederick II unfortunately always had to leave his beloved Sanssouci in autumn because his summer palace could not be heated.

Autumn in Germany autumn leaves

Autumn leaves in Hessen

A golden sea of ​​beech waves in the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park. The ancient knotty trunks are his trademark. The national park near Kassel has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2011 – together with four other beech forest areas in Germany.

Autumn in Germany Saxon Switzerland

Views in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains

A constant change of plains, gorges, table mountains, and bizarre rocks characterizes the landscape on both sides of the Elbe. The excursion region near Dresden is also popular with climbers and hikers in autumn.

Autumn in Germany Taunus

Early fog in the Taunus

Standing above fog and clouds – this is possible in autumn on the Großer Feldberg in the Taunus. It can be reached from Frankfurt am Main in just 40 minutes by subway. The low mountain region is an ideal hiking area in autumn and when winter provides snow, skiers will enjoy themselves.

Autumn in Germany Birnau Abbey Church

Grape harvest at Lake Constance

Lake Constance is one of the sunniest regions in Germany. At Mediterranean temperatures, Burgundy wines thrive here, which can compete with the French original. One of the most beautiful vineyards for day trippers is the monastery vineyard of Birnau right in front of the famous baroque church. It attracts half a million visitors every year.

Autumn in Germany Fellhorn

Hiking in the alpine country

Autumn in Bavaria – that’s not just the Oktoberfest with beer and pretzels. It is the perfect time for hikes like here on the Fellhorn at 2000 meters. But as soon as it freezes, tours are announced further down in the Alpine foothills. South of Munich, lakes and forests invite you to do so.

Autumn in Germany

Play of colors in Bayreuth

As soon as the sun shines, light and colors enchant the city park of Bayreuth. Anyone visiting Germany in autumn will find worthwhile excursion destinations and photo opportunities everywhere. A guarantee of a good mood against the autumn blues.

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