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The Kimchi Princess serves bibimbap

Bibimbap means “mixed rice”. That is the main ingredient of the dish, which is eaten vegetarian or with beef. In the Kimchi Princess, Young-Mi Snowden-Park serves the Korean classic.

The interior of the Korean restaurant Kimchi Princess in Berlin (Photo: Kimchi Princess)

Kreuzberger original

“I went here and thought it was really great that it didn’t look like a restaurant. I just fell in love immediately. It looked bad here, it was all orange, tiles. A horrible place actually, as it was arranged. But I was totally fascinated by the architecture. And also that it is on two levels. It was love at first sight. ” – Young-Mi Snowden Park

Young-Mi Snowden-Park from the Berlin restaurant Kimchi Princess (Photo: Lena Ganssmann)

The real kimchi princess

“Kimchi Princess” was previously called Young Mi Snowden Park by her friends, a reference to Kimchi, the fermented white cabbage that is served with every dish in Korea. So the name for her restaurant was quickly established.

The interior of the Korean Kimchi Princess restaurant in Berlin (Photo: Lena Ganssmann)

Pioneering role

“In the beginning, I had guests here who said where is Korea or what is Korea, they had no idea at all. And now – I think in the past four years – 40, 50 Korean restaurants have opened in Berlin. It’s a great feeling for me that it has now arrived. ” – Young-Mi Snowden Park

Table decoration in the Korean Kimchi Princess restaurant in Berlin (Photo: Lena Ganssmann)

With spoon and chopsticks

In contrast to other Asian countries, rice in Korea is eaten with a spoon. You only eat the side dishes with chopsticks. The rice (“bap”) is the basis of a Korean meal. In Korea, the word rice is synonymous with food in general. When Koreans ask each other if they have eaten lunch, they ask, “Did you eat rice?”

Bibimbap, a rice dish from the Korean Kimchi Princess restaurant in Berlin (Photo: Lena Ganssmann)

Korean concentrated food

“It looks beautiful when you get it served. Soup is eaten with the bibimbap. And the important thing is that you season everything with the paste and then mix it well with a spoon. Many guests don’t dare because it is like this looks nice. You just don’t want to destroy the food, but it really does go with it. ” – Young-Mi Snowden Park

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