The first Who Wants To Be a Millionaire winner for 14 years reveals what he’ll spend the money on

The first Who Wants To Be a Millionaire winner for 14 years reveals what he'll spend the money on

Donald Fear’s life changed forever on Friday 11th September when he became the first person to win the £1million jackpot on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire for 14 years.

But what is the first thing you do when you win £1 million?

Donald managed not to tell a single person after he walked away with the jackpot until he got home and was overjoyed to tell his wife Deb.

And even more importantly, what is he going to spend the money on?

“The first thing will be to make sure I have a comfortable retirement,” Donald said. “After that my tastes are fairly reasonable I think, I waste a lot of money on CDs, but even I would struggle to spend a million pounds on CDs, that’s how old school I am.

“I’ll make sure I’ve got enough for myself then I’ll turn to family and see who needs what in the family, who should get what and then we’ll see what’s left after all that has been done.”

On how he celebrated winning a million pounds Donald was very understated: “I actually spent the evening packing for a holiday in Whitley Bay.”

Coming from a family of quizzers Donald explained how he’d been unknowingly training for this moment since he was young: “Right from an early age, we didn’t have a telly, we didn’t have a car. Reading, games and quizzes have been the staple of my life since I can remember.

“Games and quizzes have always been a part of our existence and I can’t remember a time that it wasn’t.”

Donald’s brother Dafydd also appeared on the show, walking away with £500,000 Donald revealed how he reacted to the news he’d been outsmarted on national TV.

“He was absolutely made up,” Donald said. “He was so, so pleased.”

As a self-proclaimed history expert, Holly asked if there were any subjects, such as popular culture, that Donald was happy he avoided, he joked: “I do own a large number of ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ CDs, but who was number one back in 2004? I might’ve been struggling.”

When it came to whether he had a strategy or not, Donald said: “No, no plan in my head, it all depended on what questions I got. If you got a question where there’s four possible answers I would’ve had to use the phone a friend.”

So how hard was it to answer the million-pound question?

“The first thing I spotted is the date and then it’s the date 1718, then if it’s 1718 then it’s going to be Blackbeard. That’s the order of processes. I had Blackbeard in my head before I read the question, then I read the question and it’s Blackbeard,” Donald said.

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