The Germans are too fat. But obesity is also a problem worldwide. Obesity often begins in childhood. It is difficult to get rid of the kilos that accumulate over the years.

More than half of adults in Germany are overweight, almost a quarter is obese, that is, morbidly overweight. In children and adolescents it is about 15 percent, which weigh a lot too much and six percent are obese. The diagnosis usually comes quite late, as well as a corresponding treatment. But it should start as soon as possible. A study in the US has now come to the conclusion that the risk of obesity via the oral flora can be recognized. The aim of the study was to find out what influence the oral flora of the mother has on the child or on the development of the microbiome, ie on the bacteria in the intestine.

A calorie bomb that goes straight to your hip

The past holidays were for many not good for the weight. Most of us have probably feasted quite a bit and maybe added a few pounds. Blame it: one or the other calorie bomb that has come to the table. In France, this is traditionally a dessert called “Les Bùche”. For centuries, this sweet glory is the culmination of every Christmas dinner. It will probably take a while for all the calories to dissipate.

Rethinking the alcohol therapy

On public holidays, not only is usually eaten too much, but often too much drunk. However, some people do not limit their alcohol consumption to holidays or celebrations. They can not get along without alcohol, they depend on it, they are alcoholics. Anyone who wants to get away from alcohol should not drink anything, not a drop of absolute abstinence as a top priority. But it does not seem to be the sole form of therapy anymore, and maybe more alcoholics are willing to do therapy if the rules are not so strict.

Sweden is runner-up in coffee consumption

Many people know that coffee can addict. However, Germany is not the record holder in terms of coffee consumption – Finland is closely followed by its neighbor Sweden. Each Swede drinks about 160 to 170 liters of coffee a year – black of course – milk distorts in the view of the coffee purists the real taste. And Sweden without coffee – unthinkable!

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