Texans think David Johnson will be a good investment

Texans think David Johnson will be a good investment

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It was easy to knock the Texans, since they traded one of the best receivers in football to the Cardinals for a second-round pick and a bad contract.

But Texans coach Bill O’Brien is excited about the player attached to the contract, and thinks he can help.

“We studied David when he was coming out of college and during his career in Arizona,” O’Brien said, via Jeffri Chadiha of NFL.com. “Everybody has to go through their injuries and coaching changes. But you’re also talking about a guy who was Arizona’s Walter Payton Man of the Year. He’s tough and smart and a three-down back who can be used with Duke Johnson.”

Asked the inevitable follow-up about Johnson’s weighty contractual obligations, O’Brien replied: “The contract is what it is. There is definitely money that he’ll be paid, but when we look at what David adds, he’s worth it.”

That remains to be seen, since Johnson’s due $10.2 million in base salary this season. But he has been a productive and versatile back in the past with the Cardinals, and if nothing else, the Texans are getting a guy who wants to repay their affection.

“The thing I liked was that he was really excited to have me,” Johnson said. “As I think about it now, the thing I have to do is not listen to anything outside the organization. All I have to do is just grind.”

He’s going to have to do more than that to justify the investment.

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