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  • Jazz center Rudy Gobert

    Rudy Gobert believes he wasn’t first NBA player to contract coronavirus

    Kobe Bryant pined for the Lakers to get him. The Pelicans organized their search around him. The Magic prepared a large offer. The Nets showed interest before even hiring a general manager. The Timberwolves proposed giving him front-office control. Even teams without an opening had interest. Tom Thibodeau was the hottest coach on the market […] More

  • NBA bubble

    NBA bubble is holding so far, no player tests positive in past nine days

    Forget hitting a rookie wall or stumbling into the playoffs exhausted and banged-up. The NBA’s break because of the coronavirus pandemic gave rookies an offseason within a season. They’ve had the chance to heal up, study film and gain some much-needed pounds to better handle the grueling season in a league filled with savvy veterans. […] More

  • No player tryouts, for now

    No player tryouts, for now

    Getty Images Eventually, NFL teams will regularly be bringing free agents in for tryouts. For now, they can’t. The memo issued by the league on Friday to all teams specific that, for now, teams may not conduct any tryouts, either at the team facility or elsewhere. Eventually, the NFL’s Management Council will issue a memorandum […] More

  • Thaddeus Young trade

    Bulls’ player who might be available in trade is Thaddeus Young

    We all know the contenders: The Bucks, Lakers, and Clippers. In the East, Boston or Toronto will be there should Milwaukee stumble. But who are the NBA dark horse teams? What teams could come out of the pack to make a surprising deep playoff run? Here are the five dark horse teams to watch at […] More

  • NFL, NFLPA agreement includes specific prohibitions on player activities

    NFL, NFLPA agreement includes specific prohibitions on player activities

    Getty Images With the NFL and NFL Players Association striking a historic, on-the-fly CBA that covers 2020 and beyond, the two sides have come up with a way to ensure that players will practice personal responsibility in a pandemic. Per multiple sources, the deal specifically prohibits players from engaging in certain behaviors this season. Players […] More

  • NFLPA player reps approve CBA changes

    NFLPA player reps approve CBA changes

    Getty Images It looks like training camps are set to start on schedule next week. According to multiple reports, the NFLPA player reps have approved the proposed changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement that the union and league have been discussing ahead of the start of camp. The NFLPA Executive Committee recommended accepting those changes […] More

  • YouTube star Jake Paul

    Former NBA player Nate Robinson to box YouTube star Jake Paul

    The Bucks want to keep Giannis Antetokounmpo happy at every turn and minimize the number of turns. Coronavirus presented a hard left in the plan. Antetokounmpo will be eligible for a super-max extension this offseason. Milwaukee – best in the East and in the top tier of championship contention with the Clippers and Lakers – […] More

  • Suns guard Ricky Rubio and center Aron Baynes

    Aron Baynes, Ricky Rubio, third Suns player tested positive for coronavirus

    NBA players showed up to protests in numbers, and at the league’s restart in Orlando they have talked about Breonna Taylor’s shooters not being arrested and other social justice issues. But it’s not just about words, the NBA’s biggest names are putting money and time into concrete action, such as LeBron James working toward voting […] More

  • Tracy McGrady, Jermaine O'Neal to launch new player representation agency

    Tracy McGrady, Jermaine O’Neal to launch new player representation agency

    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) — There’s no bench. The courtside broadcasters will not be courtside. And the stat crew will be doing their work inside what loosely can be described as an oversized hockey penalty box. The NBA comes back Wednesday with a very different look. The NBA’s bubble court is pretty sweet. […] More

  • Liverpool player ratings

    Liverpool player ratings: Premier League win – ProSoccerTalk

    Liverpool player ratings for their Premier League winning season are going to be high. But which players have led the charge to secure the first league title in over 30 years? And which players have been, well, just okay? [ RELATED: Liverpool win title – everything to know ] Below we give each player a rating […] More

  • Liverpool roster

    Every player on Liverpool’s Premier League-winning side

    The new NBC Sports Premier League schedule for the 2019-20 season has been released, with time and dates for the upcoming matchweeks confirmed and here’s how you can watch it all live on TV in the USA and via Peacock online. [ WATCH: Premier League video ]  With games spread out across multiple days and many […] More