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  • "Broken clothes" as a national dish

    La Pequeña Habana serves Ropa Vieja

    Most connoisseurs associate rum and cigars with Cuba. But the cuisine on the Caribbean island can also be tasted: Iris and Eric Garofalo also serve Cuban braised meat in the La Pequeña Habana restaurant. Little Havana in Berlin Many regular guests will find their little piece of Cuba at La Pequeña Habana. For many Cubans living abroad, […] More

  • For seafarers and landlubbers

    The Lisboa Bar serves Cataplana Mar e Terra

    Portuguese cuisine is varied: there is a lot of fish on the coast, but more meat inland. This dish, which Fernando Almeida serves in his Lisboa Bar, combines sea and land, “mar e terra”. Homeport The Lisboa Bar is located directly on Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain. It is the only Portuguese restaurant in the East Berlin district. The […] More

  • Korean concentrated food

    The Kimchi Princess serves bibimbap

    Bibimbap means “mixed rice”. That is the main ingredient of the dish, which is eaten vegetarian or with beef. In the Kimchi Princess, Young-Mi Snowden-Park serves the Korean classic. Kreuzberger original “I went here and thought it was really great that it didn’t look like a restaurant. I just fell in love immediately. It looked bad here, […] More

  • Traditional minced meat skewer

    The Dwin serves Lule Kebab

    Lamb meat is popular in Armenia. It is used for many dishes – including grill skewers. The Berlin Wahagn Ovasapian serves them in his restaurant Dwin with traditional Armenian bread, the Lavasch. focus on the essentials “Our menu is not particularly large, we try to concentrate on the essentials. And the Armenians always say that they didn’t […] More

  • Pancakes, Denver omelets and cutlets

    The Nalu Diner serves American breakfast

    Above all, American breakfast means many options. In the Nalu Diner, guests can put together everything themselves. Oliver Miller offers 50 different egg variations. And coffee to take away. A must: ketchup, mustard and maple syrup American breakfast differs from the European continental breakfast primarily in the range of hot dishes. These are usually very easy to […] More

  • Grand Ducal delight with potatoes

    The Bistro de Maufel serves Coq au Riesling

    The chicken braised in white wine is a specialty of Luxembourg. Its cuisine is heavily influenced by its French neighbor. Luc Wolff brings the Luxembourgish way of life to Berlin with the Bistro de Maufel. The eye eats too As an artist and former professor of color theory, Luc Wolff coordinated the color of the furniture and […] More

  • Züri Gschnätzlets

    Restaurant 44 serves Zurich sliced ​​meat

    In contrast to the German sliced ​​meat, the Swiss classic is prepared exclusively with veal. André Egger serves 44 Rösti in his Berlin restaurant – what else. So much Switzerland must be. First mentioned in a cookbook in 1947 “The Zurich sliced ​​meat is an absolute classic! Typical Switzerland is that I have a tip-top veal […] More

  • Easter feast for the whole yearEaster feast for the whole year

    The tak tak serves Żurek

    Polish cuisine? Sure, pierogi are known, but Żurek? The sour flour soup is Karol Kasierski’s favorite dish. That’s why he also offers original Żurek in his tak tak – polish deli restaurant in Berlin. Persuasive Jasager Because his friends always annoy him by constantly saying “tak, tak” on the phone – translated “yes, yes” – the name for […] More

  • It depends on the tomato sauce

    Osman’s daughters serve Izmir Köftesi

    The meatballs are, so to speak, oriental meatballs. There are more than 200 ways to prepare them. Osman’s daughters, Lale Yanik and Arzu Bulut cook the variant from the provincial capital, Izmir. The bridge between Orient and Occident The concept of the restaurant by Lale Yanik and Arzu Bulut is an open kitchen, in which professional chefs […] More

  • Local tradition

    The Nussbaumer serves Salzburg beer meat

    Austrian cuisine can do more than Wiener Schnitzel or pastries. What Johanna Nußbaumer proves in her Berlin restaurant Nußbaumerin. She cooks the Salzburg beer meat according to a recipe from her grandmother. Conscious of tradition Four predecessors failed on the premises before Johanna Nußbaumer took over the restaurant in 2008. Word gets around quickly that in western Berlin, […] More

  • International cult of Empanada

    The Gloria serves Empanada Salteña

    The Argentinians love their dumplings with different fillings. The best baker is chosen in the province of Tucuman every year. The best empanadas in Berlin can be found at Santiago Farfan Marque in the Gloria. Honor to whom honor is due Before Santiago Farfan Marque came to Germany, he worked in the Argentine province of Jujuy as […] More

  • Idiosyncratic creation

    The Cocolo Ramen serves tantan ramen soup

    Ramen is not just any noodle soup. Ramen is the name of the Japanese noodle made from wheat flour, salt, and water. They are made in the restaurant Cocolo Ramen by Yosuke Sumida with a lot of heart directly on site. The perfect frame for ramen Ramen soups are part of everyday culture in Japan. Ramen noodles […] More

  • Filipino breakfast with rice

    The pan serves beef tapa

    The marinated beef is a classic in the Philippines. As children, Melanie and Ann Ronette Kowasch liked to eat the dish for breakfast. It is one of the absolute bestsellers in her Pan restaurant. Something strong for breakfast “In childhood we ate that very often, mostly for breakfast. There is also a hearty meal. There is rice […] More

  • Nigerian national dish

    The Pan Africa serves Egusi with spinach and turkey meat

    Ground melon seeds give this traditional West African stew its name and a slightly nutty aroma. Nigerian Frank Anyangbe serves spinach and turkey in his Pan Africa Egusi restaurant. Black continent Bringing different things together – Frank Anyangbe’s basic idea for food can also be found in the interior. The Pan Africa rooms are adorned with accessories […] More

  • Patacones from Bogotá

    The Macondo serves plantains with beef

    Fried plantains, so-called patacones, are served in Colombia on many occasions. With beef, they’re Jorge Rodriguez’s favorite. That is why they are on the menu of his Macondo restaurant. An almost magical place The Macondo has a morbid charm that is well received by guests. Many are here regularly. When Jorge Rodriguez opened in 2006, he was reading the […] More

  • British Indian-style chicken

    The muse serves chicken tikka masala

    The days of bad English food are over. The new British cuisine is international, as Caroline Grinsted from the Berlin Muse proves: her Chicken Tikka Masala has what it takes to be England’s new national dish. Kissed by the muse For three years Caroline Grinsted and her husband Tobias Zeller successfully run a supper club and […] More

  • Traditional clay pot from Morocco

    The kasbah serves lamb tagine with plums

    Typical of Moroccan cuisine is the tagine – which means both the dish and the pot. In his “Moroccan Salon”, the Kasbah restaurant in Berlin, Driss Haggoud naturally cooks tagine. North African flair in the middle of Mitte Driss Haggoud designed his Kasbah restaurant, which opened in the Mitte district of Berlin in 2003, like a […] More

  • Vietnamese national dish

    The District Môt serves Phớ Bò

    This traditional soup is the Vietnamese classic. The special thing about it: the beef broth is cooked for 24 hours. But don’t worry: you can always order them in Sĩ An Truong’s Restaurant District Môt without waiting. Original and original District Môt is one of seven districts in the lively Vietnamese metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, […] More

  • Real Berlin haute cuisine

    The lamazère serves pork belly with mussel salad

    French cuisine is regarded worldwide as the basis for exquisite gastronomy. The Berlin kitchen, on the other hand, is rather simple. Régis Lamazère brings a touch of Paris to the German capital with his brasserie Lamazère. Original Bistrot Parisien With the Brasserie Lamazère, Régis Lamazère brings Parisian flair to the Berlin district of Charlottenburg. The decor is […] More

  • Feast not only for Easter

    Taverna Ousia serves shoulder of lamb in red wine sauce

    The Greeks are famous for their hospitality and their Mediterranean cuisine. Lamb is a kind of national dish. Cooked in the proverbial Greek wine, Athanasios Gortsas serves it in his taverna ousia. Ousia means “origin” in German Greek taverns, i.e. rustic bars in the country, are still characterized by a warm, friendly, and traditional atmosphere. The focus […] More