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  • Why A Release In China Is So Important For Chris Nolan’s ‘Tenet’

    Why A Release In China Is So Important For Chris Nolan’s ‘Tenet’

    BEIJING, CHINA – AUGUST 22: British-American director/producer/screenwriter Christopher Nolan and … [+] wife film producer Emma Thomas attend the premiere of film “Dunkirk” on August 22, 2017 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images/Visual China Group via Getty Images) Visual China Group via Getty Images Tenet is heading to China, which […] More

  • China Orders U.S. to Shut Consulate in Chengdu, Retaliating for Houston

    China Orders U.S. to Shut Consulate in Chengdu, Retaliating for Houston

    BEIJING — Retaliating for the Trump administration’s order to close China’s consulate in Houston, China announced on Friday that it had ordered the United States to shut its consulate in the southwestern city of Chengdu. The tit-for-tat consulate closures were yet another twist in deteriorating relations between Washington and Beijing, perhaps the gravest one yet. […] More

  • Yen up and dollar clinging on as China's Houston response awaited

    Yen up and dollar clinging on as China’s Houston response awaited

    Banknotes of RMB, Japanese Yen and US Dollar, arranged for photography. Zhang Peng | LightRocket via Getty Images The safe-haven yen advanced to a one-month high on Friday as deteriorating Sino-U.S. relations heightened investor anxiety, while a surging euro put the beleaguered dollar on track for its worst week in a month. China has said it “must” retaliate […] More

  • U.S. Orders China to Close Houston Consulate Over Espionage and Theft

    U.S. Orders China to Close Houston Consulate Over Espionage and Theft

    WASHINGTON — The United States has ordered China to close its diplomatic consulate in Houston by Friday, citing a nationwide pattern of espionage and attempted theft of scientific research by the Chinese military that is aided by diplomats. The order deals a major blow to the rapidly deteriorating relations between the two nations. China promptly […] More

  • Senator Ted Cruz

    Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Ted Cruz argue about racism, China

    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) — There’s no bench. The courtside broadcasters will not be courtside. And the stat crew will be doing their work inside what loosely can be described as an oversized hockey penalty box. The NBA comes back Wednesday with a very different look. The NBA’s bubble court is pretty sweet. […] More

  • Channels Television

    Zambia Asks China For Debt Relief – Channels Television

    A photo combination of Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu and Chinese President, Xi Jinping, created on July 21, 2020.   Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu has requested debt relief and cancellation from China due to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, his office said. Lungu made the appeal in a telephone call with his Chinese counterpart […] More

  • Chinese minced meat sauce

    Miss Wu serves pasta with minced meat

    Noodles are the most commonly used ingredient in Chinese cuisine. According to a Chinese legend, the Italians copied the recipe for pasta with minced meat from the Chinese. And Miss Wu knows how to do it. Kitsch-free zone Zhongmin Greger-Wu has always dreamed of her own restaurant, one that is not overloaded with Chinese kitsch, […] More

  • Icon image Twitter

    Twitter massively deletes Beijing-friendly accounts

    The online service Twitter is on a confrontation course with China. The company removed accounts allegedly supporting government positions in Beijing with misinformation and propaganda. Twitter claims to have removed more than 170,000 propaganda accounts allegedly controlled by the Chinese government from its platform. The US company said that 23,750 particularly active accounts were connected to the […] More

  • China | Tourism and Corona | Hong Kong (picture-alliance / dpa / Vincent Yu)

    Corona virus hits global tourism hard

    The coronavirus has a firm grip on global tourism. The situation in Asia is particularly dramatic. The European tourism industry is also becoming increasingly nervous. A rare sight – the Louvre deserted because employees are on strike for fear of corona Empty hotels, canceled flights, closed sights. The coronavirus paralyzes global tourism. The industry is […] More

  • China Shanghai | People with face masks cross street (Reuters / A. Song)

    Corona is coming back to China

    The number of new infections in China is gradually declining. But now the Asian country is reporting an increase in corona cases that have been brought in from abroad. Iran is hoarding medical devices, Italy is pulling retired doctors out of retirement, and South Korea wants to spend billions in aid measures – the coronavirus still […] More

  • Bundestag - Government Declaration on Coronavirus - Jens Spahn (picture-alliance / dpa / B. Von Jutrczenka)

    Spahn: “Corona peak not yet reached”

    The Federal Minister of Health warns of a corona panic in Germany. However, Jens Spahn complains that the tests for the new virus in Germany took too long. The government bans the export of breathing masks. Actually, a rather boring survey of the federal government takes place at the beginning of the session in the Bundestag. This time […] More

  • Corona virus paralyzes Iran

    Corona virus paralyzes Iran

    With 19 fatalities, Iran is the country with the most deaths from the corona virus outside of China. Now the government is criticized – and an airline that is supported by hardliners. The official information from the Iranian government shows a bleak picture. Accordingly, the corona virus spread in Iran in a very short time. And the death […] More

  • Frosty wedding

    Beautify Cold Ice in Harbin

    Visitors must dress warmly as they stroll through the frozen backdrop – at the world’s largest ice festival in Harbin, China. Some jump half-naked into the Songhua River, others marry here. Fire and Ice The official opening of the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is celebrated with fireworks, usually on January 5. Harbin is located in […] More