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  • With Bolognese filling

    The Bosco serves tortelloni with ragout

    Probably the best-known recipe for ragout comes from Bologna. “Bolognese” is traditionally eaten as a sauce. Not so with Federico Testa. The boss of the Bosco restaurant serves the ragout as a filling for his tortelloni. A real Bolognese Federico Testa never thought that he would follow in his father’s footsteps, a well-known restaurateur in […] More

  • National dish of Cambodia

    The Angkor Wat serves Amok Trey

    The national dish “Amok” is a very typical Cambodian food. You eat it with chicken or with fish. In his restaurant Angkor Wat in Berlin Moabit, Dany Hok serves the fish variant: Amok Trey. Angkor Wat is located in Berlin-Moabit The Cambodian restaurant Angkor Wat is very close to the official residence of the German President. Opened in […] More

  • flyingeze logo

    The Michelberger serves grilled mackerel BLT

    When it comes to fish, Alan Micks likes to remember his Irish roots. Grilled mackerel BLT is his variation of the classic sandwich. Instead of ham, lettuce, and tomato, the Hotel Michelberger has mackerel. Unusual hotel food “If you want, you can spend a lot of money with us and drink a lot of good wine. But […] More

  • "Broken clothes" as a national dish

    La Pequeña Habana serves Ropa Vieja

    Most connoisseurs associate rum and cigars with Cuba. But the cuisine on the Caribbean island can also be tasted: Iris and Eric Garofalo also serve Cuban braised meat in the La Pequeña Habana restaurant. Little Havana in Berlin Many regular guests will find their little piece of Cuba at La Pequeña Habana. For many Cubans living abroad, […] More

  • Lebanese national dish

    The Zaim serves tabbouleh

    The Lebanese national dish is a salad with parsley, spring onions, peppermint, and bulgur. Sobhi Ismail doesn’t take too much of that from the Berlin restaurant Zaim so that there is still space for the main course. The right location is a top priority “This is my district here, it is my world. It is […] More

  • For seafarers and landlubbers

    The Lisboa Bar serves Cataplana Mar e Terra

    Portuguese cuisine is varied: there is a lot of fish on the coast, but more meat inland. This dish, which Fernando Almeida serves in his Lisboa Bar, combines sea and land, “mar e terra”. Homeport The Lisboa Bar is located directly on Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain. It is the only Portuguese restaurant in the East Berlin district. The […] More

  • Bacalao al pil pil, a special recipe

    The Txokia serves Bacalao al pil pil

    Stockfish in mayonnaise is the Basque national dish. The Basque Country, an autonomous community in Spain, is known for its excellent cuisine. Ager Urigüen Uribe also serves them in the Txokoa gastrobar. The vision of Spanish hospitality “We want to create a casual gastronomic setting, that’s the idea of ​​the gastro bar. So upscale cuisine, which I […] More

  • flyingeze logo

    The East & Eden serves oatmeal biscuits with liquorice

    Denmark is known for its good licorice. It is eaten as candy and also used as a spice. Like in the oatmeal biscuits by Ulla Skaaning Mathiesen. You can enjoy the delicacy in their Café East & Eden. 70 square meters of Denmark Ulla Skaaning Mathiesen has already designed many boutiques and cafés as an architect […] More

  • Korean concentrated food

    The Kimchi Princess serves bibimbap

    Bibimbap means “mixed rice”. That is the main ingredient of the dish, which is eaten vegetarian or with beef. In the Kimchi Princess, Young-Mi Snowden-Park serves the Korean classic. Kreuzberger original “I went here and thought it was really great that it didn’t look like a restaurant. I just fell in love immediately. It looked bad here, […] More

  • Traditional minced meat skewer

    The Dwin serves Lule Kebab

    Lamb meat is popular in Armenia. It is used for many dishes – including grill skewers. The Berlin Wahagn Ovasapian serves them in his restaurant Dwin with traditional Armenian bread, the Lavasch. focus on the essentials “Our menu is not particularly large, we try to concentrate on the essentials. And the Armenians always say that they didn’t […] More

  • Organic kohlrabi with exotic spices

    The Suriya Kanthi serves kohlrabi curry

    The cuisine of the island nation in the Indian Ocean is spicy. And the food is served lukewarm. Wijerathna Storz-Vidanage doesn’t do that in his Berlin restaurant Suriya Kanthi, his kohlrabi curry comes along hot. Almost like at home To this day, Wijerathna Storz-Vidanage longs back to Sri Lanka during the winter months. Only one thing helps: Eat […] More

  • German cuisine

    The Skykitchen serves cauliflower with poached egg yolk

    According to Gault Millau, he is the “best climber” of 2016. He has had a Michelin star since 2014. Alexander Koppe, Chef de Cuisine at Skykitchen, aim high. Here he cooks cauliflower with poached egg yolk. A restaurant in heaven The star-studded Skykitchen is located on the 12th floor of a hotel in the Lichtenberg district […] More

  • Indonesian specialty

    Sayur Lodeh serves the tuk tuk with tofu

    “Sayur” means vegetables, “Lodeh” is the sauce – and coconut milk is a must in this popular dish from Indonesia. Christian Adelius cooks authentic Indonesian cuisine in the Tuk Tuk restaurant. Indonesian institution in Berlin The name of the Schöneberg restaurant refers to the village of Tuk Tuk in the Indonesian province of North Sumatra. The […] More

  • Pancakes, Denver omelets and cutlets

    The Nalu Diner serves American breakfast

    Above all, American breakfast means many options. In the Nalu Diner, guests can put together everything themselves. Oliver Miller offers 50 different egg variations. And coffee to take away. A must: ketchup, mustard and maple syrup American breakfast differs from the European continental breakfast primarily in the range of hot dishes. These are usually very easy to […] More

  • Kitchen at a high level

    The glass serves turbot with freekeh

    Israeli cuisine is as colorful as the multi-ethnic state itself. Mediterranean, European, American, and Arabic influences are also reflected in the turbot with Freekeh, which Gal Ben Moshe serves in the Berlin glass. A modern interpreted bistro With the glass, Gal Ben Moshe has created a place that polarizes. His restaurant resembles an avant-garde gallery in […] More

  • Taste experience

    The green lamp serves herring in a fur coat

    The Russians love herring. In this recipe, it is hidden under a thick layer of vegetables, wrapped up warm, so to speak. Julia Gutsch offers the culinary classic from Russia in her restaurant Green Lamp. Revolutionary background “The Green Lamp was a club in St. Petersburg, where Pushkin, our most famous poet, fed everything with his friends. […] More

  • Grand Ducal delight with potatoes

    The Bistro de Maufel serves Coq au Riesling

    The chicken braised in white wine is a specialty of Luxembourg. Its cuisine is heavily influenced by its French neighbor. Luc Wolff brings the Luxembourgish way of life to Berlin with the Bistro de Maufel. The eye eats too As an artist and former professor of color theory, Luc Wolff coordinated the color of the furniture and […] More

  • Züri Gschnätzlets

    Restaurant 44 serves Zurich sliced ​​meat

    In contrast to the German sliced ​​meat, the Swiss classic is prepared exclusively with veal. André Egger serves 44 Rösti in his Berlin restaurant – what else. So much Switzerland must be. First mentioned in a cookbook in 1947 “The Zurich sliced ​​meat is an absolute classic! Typical Switzerland is that I have a tip-top veal […] More

  • Easter feast for the whole yearEaster feast for the whole year

    The tak tak serves Żurek

    Polish cuisine? Sure, pierogi are known, but Żurek? The sour flour soup is Karol Kasierski’s favorite dish. That’s why he also offers original Żurek in his tak tak – polish deli restaurant in Berlin. Persuasive Jasager Because his friends always annoy him by constantly saying “tak, tak” on the phone – translated “yes, yes” – the name for […] More

  • It depends on the tomato sauce

    Osman’s daughters serve Izmir Köftesi

    The meatballs are, so to speak, oriental meatballs. There are more than 200 ways to prepare them. Osman’s daughters, Lale Yanik and Arzu Bulut cook the variant from the provincial capital, Izmir. The bridge between Orient and Occident The concept of the restaurant by Lale Yanik and Arzu Bulut is an open kitchen, in which professional chefs […] More