| June 14, 2019 11:13 AM

Former Vice President Joe Biden dominates his rivals in several swing states where President Trump is facing high disapproval ratings, a potential sign that the White House door is opening for the Democrat.
New Zogby Analytics battleground polls show that in two “blue wall” states that keyed Trump’s 2016 victory over Hillary Rodham Clinton — Michigan and Pennsylvania — voters disapprove of the president. In Michigan, 61% disapprove of Trump and in Pennsylvania it is 55%.
The two states are being targeted by Biden, and other Democrats. Biden leads the Democratic pack in Michigan with 27% and in Pennsylvania with 46%.

Pollster Jonathan Zogby noted that Trump won the two states by a hair in 2016 and now appears weak in both.

“The president has some work to do in ‘blue-wall’ states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan. Both were historic wins for the president in 2016, and are key to his re-election in 2020. Trump squeaked by Hillary Clinton in these states. His low approval ratings in Michigan and Pennsylvania could open the door for Joe Biden!” he said in his analysis.
He provided the polling on Trump’s approval ratings and the Democratic primaries to Secrets.
Biden leads rivals in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin by 8 to 31 points. Sanders is second in every state except Wisconsin where Sen. Elizabeth Warren has the edge for second in the Zogby Analytics survey.
“It means Joe Biden is the clear front-runner for the Democratic nomination, and is winning big in very important states that Democrats need to flip blue in 2020,” said Zogby.

The poll was the latest to show a trail-off of support for Trump since he was cleared of colluding with Russians in the 2016 election.
The president plans to kick off his official reelection next week in Orlando, Fla., and that could spark a renewal of interest. He has already started to attack Biden, and Biden is striking back.
In the survey of Trump’s approval ratings, the president is underwater in every state except South Carolina, a base of support.
His other best state is Florida, where his approval rating is 48%, and disapproval 50%.
Zogby said the president is doing well among men, and surprisingly with union workers. But his approval rating with women and independents is lagging.
“The president will need to shore-up strength with suburban voters in Ohio, Michigan and Florida. He will also have to specifically target suburban women, who he has an up and down relationship with. One important issue he polls well among suburban women is immigration. But the Democrats could counter suburban women with another issue that works in their party’s favor, healthcare,” said Zogby’s analysis.

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