Super Bowl: Mahomes takes the Chiefs to victory over the 49ers

Mahomes takes the Chiefs to victory over the 49ers

Kansas City lags San Francisco in the final quarter, but then comes the mad comeback of quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his chiefs. Kansas turns the game around and wins the first title in 50 years.

Hero stories are always particularly exciting when the hero lies on the ground in the course of the story. This is how Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, did in this 54th Super Bowl. He and his chiefs are ten points behind in the last quarter. Mahomes had touched himself in the first half, but the game was even (10:10). After the break, however, the game tipped in favor of the San Francisco team. With their strong defense, the 49ers had made life extremely difficult for him. Twice in quick succession, he threw the ball into the opponent’s arms. The deadly sin for quarterbacks – this had never happened to him in any playoff game before. Does he struggle or ponder? There is hardly anything to notice. Chewing on his face mask, he sits on the sidelines and sees how the chiefs defensive manages to force the 49ers to the point without winning a point. Nine minutes and one second are still to be played at this moment.

Spectacular passes from Mahomes

Super Bowl LIV - Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco 49ers (Reuters / R. German)Successful line of defense: Chiefs defensive can be cheered

The chiefs start their attack. And Mahomes is immediately under pressure again. Twice the chiefs do not make ten yards of space, but have to go back five yards due to a penalty. It is the third, the quasi last attempt. Mahomes is quickly pushed again by defenders, but he remains calm. He throws the ball in reserve. Wide. Very far. At the other end of the field, almost 50 meters away, the leather lands in the arms of teammate Tyreek Hill. A spectacular play that the NFL celebrates as “Big Play” in umpteen slow motion. The 49ers defense so determined before is impressed, makes mistakes and shortly afterwards Mahomes enables the effortless touchdown pass on Travis Kelce. Score: 17:20 from the perspective of Kansas.

The decision by Williams

San Francisco then only keeps the ball for three moves. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who has already won two Super Bowls as a substitute for the New England Patriots, finds no homing station. It is Mahomes’ turn again with a good five minutes remaining. This time he manages a 38 yard pass on wide receiver Sammy Watkins. Shortly thereafter, he finds Damien Williams. Touchdown. Kansas leads 24:20. It is the moment when San Francisco breaks under pressure. The hectic attack of the 49ers ends one and a half minutes before the end without points. Instead, Kansas City replaces again: Running back Damien Williams increased to 31:20 by running game. It is the bottom line.

Super Bowl LIV - Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco 49ers (Reuters / S. Mitchell)Shower for Chiefs coach Andy Reid: he was previously the most successful NFL coach without a Super Bowl success

The Kansas City fans are already celebrating loudly in the stadium. They have had to wait 50 years for this title and they know who they owe this success to: Patrick Mahomes, who had previously been considered a football prodigy, withstood the enormous pressure. As the second youngest quarterback in history, he wins the Super Bowl and is also chosen as the most valuable player in the game. It was his coach, Andy Reid, who recognized the playmaker genius early on in Mahomes and arranged the team around him. The reward: for him, too, it’s the first Super Bowl triumph.

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