The employees have enforced their demand for 18 percent more wages. That sounds like more than it actually is. With the strike, the Hungarians had paralyzed other works.

After a week’s strike in the Hungarian engine plant Györ, Audi has bowed to the demands of the union AHFSZ. The carmaker announced that the production in Györ would be quickly restarted. At the parent plant in Ingolstadt, however, the tapes could restart at the earliest on Monday, until then, the compulsory break imposed on Wednesday will continue.
The approximately 12,000 Audi workers in Györ now receive 18 percent more salary or at least 75,000 forints (238 euros) more. Previously, however, the average earnings were converted at only 1100 euros, at living costs as in Western Europe. IG Metall Bayern declared its solidarity with the strikers and described their pay as a “cheap wage”.

Germany Leipzig Porsche Production (picture-alliance / dpa / J. Woitas)

Also in this Porsche Macan in the Leipzig factory, a motor from Györ is installed in a later production step

In Györ about 100,000 Audi A3 and TT are produced annually. The plant is particularly important for the VW Group, however, because every year about two million gasoline, diesel and more recently also electric motors are produced by the factory, which are delivered to other plants. Because the engines were missing, according to a spokesman, the construction of around 10,000 A3, A4, A5 and Q2 series cars was delayed at the Ingolstadt plant alone. The Porsche factory in Leipzig and the Volkswagen plant in Bratislava also felt the lack of supplies from Györ.

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