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Socceroos fans SPIT at French supporters during brawl after Aussies get thrashed 4-1 in World Cup opening match

SHOCKING footage shows the moment chaos erupted at a screening of a World Cup match as Australian fans turned on French supporters following their loss.

The reigning champions beat the Socceroos 4-1 after Australia initially bagged an early lead – causing tempers to flare as fans spat at their opponents and lobbed bottles.

Socceroos supporters kicked off after France beat Australia 4-1
Australian fans kicked off after losing their opening match
Footage shows a scuffle break out in Melbourne
Socceroos fans turned on French fans

Thousands packed into Federation Square in Melbourne to watch Australia’s opening clash at 6am local time.

Craig Goodwin made it 1-0 to the underdogs early on but by the time the referee blew the final whistle, the Socceroos had been defeated 4-1.

Violence then broke out as wound-up Australian fans unleashed their fury on a small group of French supporters who had joined them to watch the game.

Dramatic footage shows Aussie supporters ripping a French flag away from their opponents, throwing punches and even spitting at them.

The French fans were forced to duck for cover as fuming Socceroos followers hurled cans and bottles.

Security officials stepped in to break up the scuffle – but no arrests were made.

A spokesman for Victoria Police says no complaints have been made.

They added: “There is no place for violent or anti-social behaviour in the community and we support the vast majority of sporting fans celebrating this exciting time in the right spirit.”

It comes after Argentina and Brazil fans in India were seen shockingly brawling in a cemetery.

Several supporters wearing Lionel Messi shirts threw punches in a street fight against a group wearing Brazil shirts.

The astonishing footage, filmed besides gravestones, was shot and posted on social media ahead of Argentina’s opening World Cup game – which they lost to Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, a joyous Saudi Arabian fan celebrated his country’s winner over Argentina by ripping his OWN DOOR off.

Saudi Arabia put together one of the greatest World Cup shockers of all time when they beat Lionel Messi and co 2-1 in the group stage.

A group of fans watched the game from home and were lucky to record the moment Aldawsari scored his screamer without knowing they would soon go viral on Twitter.

Wild celebrations erupted inside a small house and one of them went so crazy he actually ripped the main door off its hinges.

He then dragged the door outside and dropped it on the floor while his fellow fans cheered inside.

No one seemed too bothered by the damage caused as the perpetrator received a big hug as he walked back inside.

A Socceroos supporter can be seen ripping a French flag away from fans
Tensions flared at the early morning screening

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