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    Why It Matters to Google that You E.A.T.

    Google makes hundreds of changes to its algorithm every year. In most cases, they are minor tweaks that fix issues or streamline processes. However, there are a few significant broad core algorithm changes that affect entire industries and market segments worldwide, such as the EAT algorithm update of August 2018. The update reflected Google’s continuing […] More

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    A Guide to Google’s Featured Snippets and How to Land Them

    Getting your website to Google’s first page takes persistence and an understanding of how search engine result pages, or SERPs, work. The higher your ranking, the better your visibility. This can lead to increased clicks as more people visit your page. Effective search engine optimization can be vital for your page’s growth, especially if you […] More

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    Mobile First Indexing Has Arrived: 8 Ways Your Site Can Benefit

    Google still rules as the undisputed king of search engines. The site handles more than 35 billion queries per day from users all over the globe who are looking for everything from advice on how to handle personal relationships to find a local coffee house. Google is a part of most people’s everyday lives and […] More

  • Mobile Optimization Best Practices

    Best Practices for Mobile Optimization

    The mobile experience is an important consideration for any brand. More users than ever are browsing on mobile as their primary devices. We are in the mobile-first era, and a website that doesn’t cut it on phones and tablets is going to hold your brand back. Below are several of the most useful techniques for […] More

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    5 Criteria of B2B Content for Better SEO Results

    In 2019, properly optimized and meaningful content remains one of the top SEO requirements for websites to dominate SERPs. But in the B2B sector, criteria for “optimized” and “meaningful” vary. B2B SEO is about reaching professionals via search engines. To convince Google that your content is good enough to satisfy experts in your niche, it […] More

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    Why A Website Redesign Enhances SEO Strategy

    Your clients would like to see optimal results for minimal work. For this reason, it can be difficult to convince them that a website redesign enhances SEO strategies. However, if you try to redesign a site without taking SEO into account, you are going to face bigger problems down the road. Start Off by Discussing […] More