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Sharon Stone Is “Done Dating” Because The Men She Meets Are “Insincere”

Sharon Stone was on The Drew Barrymore Show, which is still on, and she and Drew Barrymore got to talking about how Sharon is off the market. And not because she’s found a man, but because she has finally realized at 62 that men ain’t worth shit and she doesn’t have time for it anymore. Good for her! I’m only amazed it took her to 62 years of age to get fed up with men–I already am at 30.

Sharon has been married twice and has three sons: 20-year-old Roan Joseph Bronstein, 15-year-old Laird Vonne Stone, and 14-year-old Quinn Kelly Stone. And with all that experience with men, she’s decided that she’s done with ’em.

Drew asked Sharon what made her give up men because Drew feels the same. Drew has been married three times and has said she’s never getting married again and if love happens then it happens but she’s not looking. Sharon explained her position is a bit grimmer than Drew’s, via People:

“I’m done dating, I’ve had it with dating. I just find people to be insincere and not worth my time. I enjoy my alone time and time with my kids and my friends more… I feel like I don’t need another kid. I don’t want any insincerity and bologna and game playing and… I don’t know how to say this in a way that’s politically correct, but I don’t feel like men are at the same place women are right now… I have really good men friends but I just feel when it comes to emotional maturity in relationships that men and women are seemingly in different spots.”

You’re telling me at 60 years old that men are still not emotionally mature? I mean considering human history–that tracks. Drew wondered if Sharon’s philosophy of the male species translated into how she raises her own sons, Sharon responded with:

“Yes, they’ll come into my room the three of them together and they’ll start up some kind of guy-conversation and I’ll be standing there and they’ll go, “We shouldn’t be doing this in front of mom.” And I say, “You shouldn’t be doing this in front of each other. Let’s talk about it, why are we having this conversation anyway?”

Sharon said she wants to combat “certain fears” that men and boys have about “misunderstandings about power and what it means to be masculine and what it means to be powerful and what it means to be important.” And Sharon’s been teaching her sons:

“The ideas that men have passed on about what it means to be powerful and important might not be wholly correct, and might not ultimately benefit them even in relationships with each other.”

Sharon wants to make sure that her sons are “successful in their future and get the things they want in their life” like “happy, healthy relationships, success in business and just joy in their life.”

Then Sharon and Drew helped up their current boyfriends: their dogs.

I always knew that Toni Braxton‘s hit single “He Wasn’t Man Enough For Me” would be a long-standing theme in my existence, and Sharon Stone has confirmed that. But I think we all know the real reason Sharon can’t keep a man is because she’s the only super-human on the planet after gaining powers from a bolt of lightning and it’s hard for a man to both be the weaker one in a relationship and deal with her nightly crime-fighting.


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