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Darts players are ‘better in bed than any other sports stars’ but table tennis aces have terrible sex reputation

DARTS players are better known for trying to go a leg up than get one over – but new research shows they are double top for sex.

For players of ping pong, however, it’s less “Ding dong!” and more “What’s gone wrong?” – as they come bottom of the list.

English darts legend Phil Taylor might have much to smile about on and off the oche, judging by research into which sports players are best in bed
Right down at the bottom of the list for sensational sex were players of table tennis, or as ex-PM Boris Johnson calls it “Wiff Waff”

Swimmers and footballers made the top three but it’s darts lovers who produce the maximum: “One fun bed and great tease!”

Table tennis players, meanwhile might not need much space but only get one per cent – perhaps because their reflexes are too quick…

The study suggests what many of us might hope – that peak, sleek bodies don’t automatically rate highest in bed.

And also that there’s no direct link between athletic performance in sport and achievements in more intimate ways.

True, endorsement deals and social media status tend to come from high sporting profiles, “perfect” physiques and those where the body is obviously revealed more, such as MMA or swimming.

But the latest research confirms sex appeal, popularity and performance are vastly different concepts.

Professional darts players have never notched A’s for athletic appearance.

Think of Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen, Raymond van Barneveld,Jocky Wilson, Crafty Cockney Eric Bristow and John Lowe.

But from the stars of the game at Alexandra Palace to the regular punters at the pub, it seems darts players hit bullseye when it matters in other departments.

Behind darts on 19% come swimming, football and badminton.

Then it’s a total switch – to exponents of rugby – who produce a less than harmonious union on 11%.

You might have to ask “Are you being swerved?” if tennis is your thing because those players only just scrape into double figures.

Rowing is seventh – surprisingly, you might think, ahead of boxing – with cricket ninth.

And table tennis is behind the lot of them – despite the sports rulers bringing in bigger balls eight years ago.

Dutch darts icon Michael van Gerwen might be a roaring success in many ways, according to the latest study
Ping pong players were at the opposite end of the table to darts exponents

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