After three days, the police have stopped the search for the probably downed football professional Emiliano Sala. The chances of survival of the Argentine are negligible, report the authorities.

When the rescue planes had landed again on Thursday without the slightest trace of Emiliano Sala, there was only one bitter decision: At 15:15 local time, the police gave the British Channel Island Guernsey the end of the search for the presumed over the English Channel crashed Argentine football professional and known to the English pilot David Ibbotson. The chances of survival were vanishingly small at this time.

“We made this difficult decision after re-evaluating all the information, including the emergency equipment on board the aircraft,” a statement by competent harbor master David Barker said: “Survival is extremely high at this time low.”

No traces to discover

Sala’s sister Romina, who had flown to Cardiff from her home in Progreso, Argentina, was pleading in front of cameras for the search to continue. “I know in my heart that Emiliano is still alive,” she said. Even if the active search is over, the case is not closed, it said in the message of the police. All planes and ships in the area were required to look for the alleged aircraft. This will continue without a time limit, said Barker. Whether the fate of Sala will ever be finally clarified is highly questionable.

By Thursday, three planes and five helicopters had been searched on Thursday for 4,400 square kilometers. No trace of the machine with Sala was discovered. On the third day after the alleged crash, various coastal sections were searched, as well as the small island of Burhou on foot. Barker had on Thursday still quietly expressed hope. “In the water, they could survive maybe three hours, but if they are in a dinghy, the period would be greater.” Whether Sala and the 60-year-old pilot but had access to such, is unclear.

Great sympathy 

Emiliano Sala (Imago / PanoramiC / A. Bibard)

Disappeared on the way to his new club: Emiliano Sala

The participation in the fate of the disappeared striker meanwhile continued undiminished. For example, in the 2-0 Spanish Cup quarter-final defeat of FC Sevilla against FC Barcelona, ​​French scorer Wissam Ben Yedder dedicated his goal to the missing, revealing a T-shirt with the inscription: “To my brother, hold on, E. Sala. “

The US registered small aircraft model Piper PA-46 Malibu had disappeared on Monday evening on the flight from Nantes to Cardiff about 20 kilometers north of the Channel Island Guernsey. Sala had  voiced his fear of disaster in a voice message during the flight. Now also the data of Salas mobile phone were evaluated, in order to receive new references to the eventual crash site.

The striker had made perfect his move from French first division side FC Nantes to Cardiff City in the English Premier League last Saturday. The Welsh are said to have paid a club record of about 17 million euros.

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