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Saskatoon Blades heading home after 2 months in the WHL bubble

Players, coaches and hockey staff with the Saskatoon Blades said the WHL, the city of Regina and the University of Regina did a tremendous job with the hub.

They said they felt very safe and are grateful for all that everyone did to allow them to return to the ice and return safely.

Now that it’s a part of WHL history, they are all headed home after over two months in the hub.

“It will be weird for sure,” said Blades forward Alex Morozoff. “We have been in here for two months and a bit. I think what I am most excited for is just seeing my family.”

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They also miss just being able to go outdoors.

“There is a couple of really beautiful hikes in Vancouver that I go on with my friends. I’m looking forward to a few of them,” said Blades goaltender Koen MacInnes.

“My favourite one is Crystal Falls. It’s a beautiful little hike, down in my hometown of Port Coquitlam.”

Blades forward Kyle Crnkovic is looking to get behind the wheel.

“I don’t even know if I remember how to drive a car,” he said.

“I was actually talking with one of the guys on the team. I forgot which pedal was which yesterday. I’m going to have to completely learn how to drive. It is going to be like learning how to ride a bike when you’re a kid.”

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And with the weather warming up, there is also a chance to get ice cream.

“I’m not a huge dessert guy, but I’m a big fan of ice cream so I guess maybe a blizzard would be good,” captain Chase Wouters added with a smile.

“That might be the first stop, out of this, get a blizzard for the ride home.”

Everyone also missed their pets while in the hub, like the man they call Crnk’s, who really missed his dog Lilly.

“I usually Facetime my parents and she is on there,” said Crnkovic. “I mean she is a joy to be around, and super active. I mean there is nothing like a man’s relationship with his dog.”

All were proud of how they performed in the shortened 24 game season, and feel it will just make them stronger next year.

“It will absolutely bring us closer together, and I think it will be very important for our younger guys too,” said forward Tristen Robins

“They will be carrying the Blades culture on kind of putting the other younger guys of the future under their wing.”

Click to play video: Chase Wouters plays final game with the Saskatoon Blades

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